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Design of a Compact and Energy Efficient Flyback Converter

Authors : Boopathy, C.P.

Publisher :National Conference on Cutting Edge Technologies in Power Conversion and Industrial Drives

Optimization of Weld Bead Volume for Pulse GTA Welding Process in Welding of Thin Stainless Steel Sheets

Authors : P.K.Giridharan, N Murugan

Publisher :National Welding Seminar, Chennai

Compact microstrip-T coupled patch antenna for dual polarization and active antenna applications

Authors : A. Rydberg; , Dr. Dhanesh G. Kurup; , M. Himdi

Publisher :IEE Electronics Letters

Fuzzy Logic Controllers with Guaranteed stability: A design using Genetic Algorithm

Authors : M. R. Kaimal,, R. Rajesh,

Publisher :High Performance Computing HPC Asia

Exact Fuzzy Modelling and Optimal Control of the Inverted Pendulum on Cart

Authors : M. R. Kaimal,, P.P.Mohanlal,

Publisher :ICARCV

Shipped and Locally Transplanted Renal Allografts

Authors : Dr. Sudhindran S., Taylor A

Publisher :New England Journal of Medicine

Identification of Hammerstein Model by Relay Feedback method for Systems with Input Multiplicity

Authors : M. Chidambaram, Dr. Jyothi S. N

Publisher :Indian Chemical Engineering Congress

A multicentre analysis of the results of kidney transplantation from non-heart beating donors in the UK

Authors : Dr. Sudhindran S., Waller JR, Richardson AC, Metcalfe MS

Publisher :British Journal of Surgery

Script Identification in Printed Bilingual Documents

Authors : Dhanya, D, Ramakrishnan, A. G.

Publisher :Springer Berlin Heidelberg

LOLANS: Increased likelihood capability for pattern classification and intelligent recognition

Authors : S. Diwakar

Publisher :IASTED international conference on Signal Processing

Proximal Support Vector Machine Classifiers-a spread sheet based implementation and applications

Authors : S. Diwakar, , Soman K.P

Publisher :National Symposium on mathematical methods and applications, Dec 21, 2002, at IIT-Madras.

A study on drug prescribing pattern in Madurai city

Authors : Kutty K. V. George, Kutty K. V. George, M Nagarajan, M Nagarajan, Dr. M.P.Narmadha, Dr. M.P.Narmadha

Publisher :Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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