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Polyhedral Borane Analogues of the Benzynes and Beyond: Bonding in Variously Charged B12H10 Isomers

Authors : Hoffmann, R. , Pancharatna, P. D, Balakrishnarajan, M. M, Jemmis, E. D

Publisher :ACS Publications

Mercury pollution in the aquatic ecosystems of India – case study from a Ramsar site, South India

Authors : EV Ramasamy, Navya Cherian, Mahesh Mohan, Shylesh C M S

Holocene climate changes over the Indian Subcontinent – A review

Authors : A. P. Thomas, B. Ajay Kumar, C. K. Baiju, Mahesh Mohan, K. Sreedharan, Shylesh Chandran

Mercury Contamination in the Artisanal Gold Mining Regions of Nilambur, Kerala, South India

Authors : Mahesh Mohan, M.S. Shylesh Chandran , K. Sreedharan ,

Sulphur fractionation in the sediments of Cochin Estuary

Authors : Mahesh Mohan, M.S. Shylesh Chandran , Sudheesh S, Ramasamy E.V

Earthworm diversity at Nilgiri biosphere reserve, Western Ghats, India

Authors : E.V. Ramasamy, M.S. Shylesh Chandran , Sujatha S, Mahesh Mohan

Restoration of Video By Removing Rain

Authors : Sajitha Krishnan , D.Venkataraman

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