Department of Physics

  • Anjali Nair L., Integrated M. Sc. Physics Attended Astronomy and astrophysics winter school organized by IIST on December 3-12, 2012.
  • Anjana J. and Sruthy Sankar ,M. Sc. Physics has selected for Summer Internship at the prestigious Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad
  • Ms. Arushi P. V., Integrated M. Sc. Physics has Completed a summer internship at the Physical Research Lab Ahmadabad on May - July 2010.
  • Ms. Arushi P.V., Integrated M. Sc. Physics has won First GSLV Gold medal for the Best Essay of the year
  • Ms. Arushi P.V.,Integrated M. Sc. Physics has won District Merit Scholarship from Govt. of Kerala.