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Been There, Done It All !!!!

Well Guys,

Every single one of you who came into campus this year would have a million doubts regarding your future at Amrita, how productive the two years are going to be and yes, the biggest question of them all, will I get a job after 2 years in the Amritapuri campus. Two years back, on the 26th of June 2009, I walked into the very same campus with my hair combed, shining shoes, clothes ironed and shirt tucked in. I asked myself the very same questions you would be asking yourselves today.

To answer them for you,

I have had the most fun in life at Amrita. The college has made me laugh, made me cry. Given me happiness and taken it all away too. I studied when I had to, enjoyed when it was time to. Problems come looking for you, happily face it because you always have amazing faculty to support you. The college grooms you in a way nothing else would. It gives you 360 degree learning in how to be a man and how to handle the big bad world outside.

To finish,

Enjoy to the fullest, live life like there is no tomorrow. Use every minute at Amrita to understand what you can do with the next fifty years of your life. Study too because that is kind of IMPORTANT.

And yes, to introduce myself,

My name is Rahul Ajay. There was not a single day I wasn’t in the dean’s room for the trouble me and my friends made in college and after two years at Amrita, Today, I work with Procter and Gamble in Muscat, The sultanate of Oman with a salary package higher than any in the 15 year history of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham!

I enjoyed, I studied and now I am living a dream. Hope all of you do that too.

Prayers and wishes
Rahul Ajay (2009-2011 Batch)

A Journey That Will Be Retained & Recollected Forever

Hello Guys..!!

Welcome to School of Business, Amritapuri (Kollam). I heard that you people got a very warm welcome from your seniors recently. So, I missed the grand welcome party. As an alumnus of ASB, I feel we have to make you people comfortable in ASB-Amritapuri. It’s a whole new place for some of you and some of you did your bachelors degree here.

I belong to the 1st batch of your B-School. It’s been great 2 years we spent there. Needless to say, you people will also enjoy the atmosphere. I can visualize what would be happening with you guys now coz 10 hours of class, assignments, activities etc. For that I don’t want to advice anything except “do enjoy what you are doing”. The same thing happened with us and many people handled them well and many people didn’t. But all that happens.

I must say, someday you people will feel lucky that you have come across such a good place to learn. Amrita will not only teach you Finance or Marketing or Operations but you will also learn many more things which will help you in future.

For me, ASB is just an auspicious place and now after 2 years, I feel I have learned something which will definitely help me in my future. The amount of scope, opportunities each and every student of ASB has got is just huge. I am from Orissa and did my MBA in Kerala. Not surprisingly, many people including my Boss in Sundaram Finance asked me the Question why MBA in Amrita? I have and had my answers and am sure you people also will have your answers after some days. I request you guys to be compassionate coz you will get best people over there and enormous chance to show your talent. Love the place, love the people and don’t have any regrets. I am sure you guys must have started interacting with our honorable yet friendly faculties. Each and every one will inspire you.

About studies, I will say just focus on your core areas and try to make yourself an expert in it. Don’t be a bookworm, interact with people, and think about various things. Though you guys will not do it, I must say, please, start thinking in English, read Economic Times (ET). Take the maximum advantage of facilities out there like EBSCO and all. If you start now, I am sure you will enjoy it.

At the end of the day, we all are the assets of ASB. Feel proud to say that.

Anyways…I think that is enough from my side to make you guys comfortable. If you guys have any kind of query, feel free to contact me.

-Sandeep Kumar Mohapatra 

GD / Aptitude / Interview

Dear Friends,

Congratulations to you all in making the most important decision in your life, the right one (That is Joining School of Business, Amritapuri (Kollam)).

As an Amrita student you have the privilege and access to the best in the business, be it the faculty, learning atmosphere, companies coming for placements etc.

In the steps to get a job, Aptitude is the first one. Preparing with the help of R.S. Agarwal text would be sufficient enough for you to crack the aptitude. In GD and Interviews, companies are looking for candidates with good communication skills, positive attitude, quick learning ability and team player skills. However hard we practice and prepare, until and unless it is delivered well and with confidence our efforts may not yield the result we hope for. Reading Economic times will help you in understanding the current market trends and scenarios and would automatically aid in improving our language. Please do it without fail!!! Confidence is the most important mantra to crack the interview. Believe in yourself and face the interviewer with confidence and of course a smile. Success will be yours. After all Amma’s grace is with us!!!

-Aravind T. U.

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