Faculty members in the department are enthusiastically involved in conducting conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lecturers throughout the year. These events provide a good platform to students, research scholars and faculty members to showcase their talents and ideas.  Students from physics and chemistry background, in the department, have consistently been taking part in many contests happens across nation.

The department also involves in organizing various events through the following club activities,

ASTHA- Amrita Science and Technology Action Forum

ASTHA - Amrita Science and Technology Action Forum is the science club under Department of Sciences. The Club has been formed with the idea of inculcating genuine interest in the various facets of science and technology. 

This club is about discovering new things, exploring the world around us and experimenting with the world around us. The objectives of the club are as follows:

  1. Identify and nurture the passion for enquiry and implementation of tasks through inspired teamwork.
  2. Track ongoing developments in science and technology, conceive and execute projects enabling students to understand the intricacies of the subject and to find practical and viable implementations. 

ASTHA also organizes various seminars, workshops, quizzes, popular lectures and promotes interdisciplinary activities.  Astha is the grooming ground for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Faculty members or students present their project ideas, inviting students and faculty who are interested to join the project, contribute and provide guidance. You are most welcome to join this club. For further details contact Ms. Lakshmi Mohan, department of sciences (Physics division).


ASTRA - Astronomy Club is an eminent student association functioning under the Department of Sciences, Coimbatore campus. This is one of the youngest clubs which is started to enrich the fundamental and scientific knowledge for the students and to implicate the basic and applied science with engineering.

This club was started in the year 2011, since then it is actively involved in conducting various programmes related to space. Talks on cosmology, evolution of astronomy, astronomy related scientific movies, quizzes are few such programmes where the club organizes in the past years. The club also organizes periodical lectures to create awareness regarding current development in astronomy among the students.

ASTRA also organizes events like “The night sky observation” which includes the identifying and monitoring the Planets, familiar stars, constellations etc.  The best millstone of the night sky observation includes the observation of five visible planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the evening sky during March 2012 and examined the trajectory for couple of days. An extension of this event few  of the constellations like Orion, Gemini, Leo as well as the bright star Sirius were identified and monitored.  A plenty of students from various branches were enjoyed and enriched their knowledge in this events.

Interested students/faculty members can join this club to make this more active. You are free to contact Dr. Murugadass, Sciences department, for further details.

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