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About the School

Amrita School of Medicine, Faridabad, is the 8th campus of our university, closely affiliated with Amrita Hospital, Faridabad—the largest multispecialty private hospital in India. Our campus upholds global standards and promotes core human values. It fosters inclusivity, connecting people and fostering a global network that fuels innovation and creativity. Inventions are the driving force behind our campus, and our talented individuals proudly represent our institution. Our faculty consists of exceptional medical scientists, fostering a strong teacher-student relationship that supports a collaborative culture and excellence. We are dedicated to transforming healthcare with compassion, care, and ground-breaking discoveries for the betterment of human health.

Principal’s Message


Medical science is ever evolving and renders service to humanity with full respect and dignity. A greater challenge is to keep pace with this advancing and abundant knowledge and make it beneficial for the well-being of our patients.

The School of Medicine, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is committed to educational excellence, aspiring to meet the futuristic needs of medical care by realizing the vision of our founders.

Our endeavour would be to nurture the morals of our students, to ensure that they are well trained in life-saving skills and equipped to meet the needs of modern society so that they would be able to impart their services to all sections of society with responsibility and selfless service.

The well-equipped classrooms, full-fledged library and laboratories, sophisticated clinical settings, fully equipped skill lab, radio-imaging services and a distinguished academic faculty are the outstanding facilities available at the institute for teaching out students.

This institution will be a center for scientific research. A world class facility is being developed for different areas of scientific research, to bring about transformation in medical education and healthcare. Research will be an important part of the curriculum which will help students to improve their problem-solving skills and will acquaint them with new knowledge.

We welcome the ambitious and dynamic students and wish all to do the very best in their future ventures.

Col B K Mishra
Principal, Amrita School of Medicine, Faridabad

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