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Sacred Groves of Pazhayannur Village – An Anthropogenic and Biological Study

Authors : Dr. V. S. Ramachandran, Seethalakshmy, P.S., Kavitha, P.G., Murugan, K.

Publisher : 10th Swadeshi Science Congress

Accelerating the performance of DES on GPU and a visualization tool in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Authors : Prabha, P., O.K. Sikha, M. Suchithra, Dr. Soman K. P.

Publisher : Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

Adaptive Energy Management System and Method for Real Time Landslide Detection

Authors : Maneesha V. Ramesh, Rekha Prabha

Publisher : U.S. Patent 5075/CHE/20132013.

Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Passive Micromixers with Ridges for Enhanced Mixing Efficiency

Authors : Vidhya Vijayanandh, Aarathi Pradeep, Dr. Satheesh Babu T. G.

Publisher : IConAMMA

A Traditional Irrigation System using Palmyra Palm (Borassus flabellifer) in Kerala, India

Authors : Dr. V. S. Ramachandran, Swarupanandan, K., Renuka, C.

Publisher : International Palm Society

An Indigenous Water Engineering System from the Rice Bowl of Kerala

Authors : Dr. V. S. Ramachandran

Publisher : Samagra

Low power design of high speed arithmetic circuits

Authors : Paramasivam C., T. Kalavathidevi, M Rameshwaran

Publisher : Proceedings on Second National conference on Trends and development in VLSI and embedded systems

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