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Synthesis, Characterization and Bioactivity Studies of Novel β-chitin Scaffolds for Tissue-engineering Applications

Authors : Y. Maeda, Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy, H. Nagahama, T. Furuike, H. Tamura

Publisher : International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Synthesis, Characterization and Biospecific Degradation Behavior of Sulfated Chitin

Authors : Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy, Nwe, Nitar, Nagagama, Hideaki, Furuike, Tetsuya, Tamura, Hiroshi

Publisher : Macromolecular Symposia

Sexual dimorphic expression of genes in gonads during early differentiation of a teleost fish, the Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus

Authors : Ijiri, Shigeho, Kaneko, Hiroyo, Kobayashi, Tohru, Wang, De-Shou, Sakai, Fumie, Dr. Bindhu Paul, Nakamura, Masaru, Nagahama, Yoshitaka

Publisher : Biology of reproduction, Society for the Study of Reproduction,

SGK1-dependent upregulation of connective tissue growth factor by angiotensin II

Authors : Hussain, Azeemudeen, Wyatt, Amanda W, Wang, Kan, Bhandaru, Madhuri, Dr. Raja Biswas, Avram, Diana, Föller, Michael, Rexhepaj, Rexhep, Friedrich, Björn, Ullrich, Susanne

Publisher : Kidney and Blood Pressure Research

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