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Variation In Flexor Digitorum Superficialis (Sublimis) – A Case Study

Authors : SG Sharath

Publisher : Jnaana Srotas

A cross sectional study on presence of heavy metal content in Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa Linn.)

Authors : Dr. Preethi Mohan

Publisher : International Journal of Research in Alternative Medicines

Efficacy of Agnikarma in the Management of Chronic Anal Fissure

Authors : Dr. Rabinarayan Tripathy, S.P., Otta, K., Prashant

Publisher : e Journal of Indian medicine

Management of Pelvic Ring Fracture by Ayurvedic Medicament with special reference to Pubic Ramus Fractures (Butterfly Fracture)

Authors : Dr. Rabinarayan Tripathy

Publisher : Renaissance Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Group

Preliminary analytical study of Rasnasapthakam kashayam – An Ayurvedic polyherbal formulation

Authors : Chacko James, Sivabalaji, Ashwini

Publisher : International Journal of Medicinal Plants and Natural Products(IJMPNP)

Amithavannam Ayurvedathil

Authors : Dhanya K. V.

Publisher : Viswavedi Magazine

Management of Vatarakta: A Case report

Authors : Haritha Chandran, Chavan Rashmi, Tripathy Tapas Brata, Srinath Vaidya

Publisher : JAPS

DHARA: Digital Helpline for Ayurveda Research Articles

Authors : Ram Manohar P., Manohar, S. R., Mahapatra, A., Eranezhath, S. S.

Publisher : Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine

The Concept of Bhumidesha: Healthy and Diseased Perspective

Authors : Haritha Chandran, Chetan.M, Yaligar.M.G, Arun raj

Publisher : International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy

Comparative utility of KamalaharaKashayaYogas in Sahasrayoga

Authors : Haritha Chandran

Publisher : SDM College of Ayurveda

An outlook on principles of Nyaya Darshana in relation to Ayurveda

Authors : Dr. Leena P. Nair

Publisher : Nyayadarshanan as an undercurrent in Indian Literature -Edited by Dr. Lakshmi Vijayan V. T.

Panchamahabhuta Siddhanta In Ayurveda

Authors : Priyada K. V., Haritha Chandran, C. Ushakumari, Dr. Leena P. Nair

Publisher : Proceedings of National Seminar on Environmental vision in Vedas

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