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A case study on Ayurvedic management of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 

Authors : Dr. Arun Kumar, , Dr. Abhitha A, Dr. Prasanna N, Mogasaleand

Publisher : WJPMR

An observational clinico etiological study of Kushta with specific reference to Tinea corporis

Authors : Sandesh Kumar Shetty, Arunkumar M, , Nagaraj S, & , Abitha A

Publisher : JAIMS

A Review of Nyaya and Its Utility in Ayurveda

Authors : Shrikanth P.H., Meera E

Publisher : IAMJ

Ayurveda Darśana – Unique Independent School Of Thought – A Conceptual Review

Authors : Dr. C. Usha Kumari, Dr. Devi M , Prof. Ramadas P.V, Dr. Haroon Irshad

Publisher : Veda Samskrita Academy - Journal Of Veda Samskrita Academy

A Review on the role Of Nyāyās (Maxims) in understanding Ayurveda Samhitha’s

Authors : Dr. C. Usha Kumari, Dr. Devi M 

Publisher : Pratyabhijñā - The Research Journal (UGC CARE listed) of Department of Sanskrit Sahitya, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala

Lexicographic Conventions in Ayurveda And Scope of Specialised Lexicons

Authors : Dr. C. Usha Kumari, Dr. Devi M , Prof. Ramadas P.V, Dr. Haroon Irshad,

Publisher : Kiranavali, (UGC CARE listed) Journal Of Sanskrit Research Foundation

Snehapana in children – Concepts and prospects

Authors : Dr. Anjana. J

Publisher : JISM

An Observational Study To Assess The Structural Changes In Janusandhi Of Patients Presenting With Kneejoint Pain

Authors : Anjana P, Pralhad D Subbannavar

Publisher : International Ayurvedic Medical Journal

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