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Towards an Adversarial Model for Keystroke Authentication in Embedded Devices

Authors : Niranjan Hegde; , Sriram Sankaran

Publisher : Proceedings of International Symposium

Prevalence of the use of traditional complementary and alternative medicine amongst cancer patients in a tertiary care center in Kerala, India

Authors : Kolathu Sarada; , Ram Manohar P.; , Arun Philip; , Greeshma C. Ravindran; , Keechilat Pavithran

Compounds of Citrus medica and Zingiber officinale for COVID-19 inhibition: in silico evidence for cues from Ayurveda

Authors : Haridas, M, Sasidhar, Vijith, Nath, Prajees, Abhithaj, J, Sabu, A, Ram Manohar P

Publisher : Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

A Protocol Based Approach in the Management of Amavata A Case Report

Authors : Aiswarya I. V.

Publisher : Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine

A case report on fistula-in-ano treated with apamarga ksharasutra and Agnikarma

Authors : Dr. Shyam Vinayan

Publisher : Abhinava Dhanwantari - Journal of Ayurveda

A Review on Ageing and Anti-Ageing Measures in Ayurveda

Authors : Meera E, Dr. Shyam Vinayan, Shrikanth P. H.

Publisher : International Ayurvedic Medical Journal

Ayurgenomic concept on Diabetes Mellitus

Authors : Haritha Chandran

Publisher : Meha 2014 - National Seminar on Diabetes Mellitus organized by KLEU

Ayurgenomics:A new Research outlook

Authors : Haritha Chandran, Arun raj GR, Ajayan S

Publisher : Pharmanest: An international Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences

An Overview on Nidana Panchaka of Atisara(Diarrhoea)

Authors : Dr.Durgalakshmi.S

Publisher : International Ayurvedic Medical Journal

Variation In Flexor Digitorum Superficialis (Sublimis) – A Case Study

Authors : SG Sharath

Publisher : Jnaana Srotas

A cross sectional study on presence of heavy metal content in Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa Linn.)

Authors : Dr. Preethi Mohan

Publisher : International Journal of Research in Alternative Medicines

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