Donate Blood … Save Lives

June 24, 2011
Health Sciences Campus, Kochi

World Blood Donors Day is observed globally on June 14 every year. This is observed in honor of the millions of people around the world who donate blood, thus giving the precious gift of life.

Fighting a Global Menace

July 4, 2011
School of Medicine, Kochi

Did you know that thousands of teenagers smoke everyday? It is alarming to learn that their numbers go on increasing.

The fact is that tobacco still continues to spread its deadly tentacles in every direction.

Students Ace Exam on Indian Culture and Values

April 14, 2011
Health Sciences Campus, Kochi

Whether it is engineering or medicine or arts and sciences or some other discipline of study that an Amrita student pursues, there is one thing that he or she is definitely exposed to: India’s rich cultural heritage.  

Amalabharatam Cleanup Drives Continue

January 25, 2011
Kochi Campus

In order to fulfil Chancellor Amma’s vision for a Clean India, the 4th Sunday of every month, designated as Clean Sunday, is now being used to undertake cleaning activities in nearby areas.