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Born Couplings in H3

Authors : N. Sukumar

Molecular Dynamics Information Improves cis-Peptide-Based Function Annotation of Proteins

Authors : Sreetama Das, Pratiti Bhadra, Suryanarayanarao Ramakumar, Debnath Pal

Deep-AmPEP30: Improve short antimicrobial peptides prediction with deep learning

Authors : Jielu Yan, Pratiti Bhadra, Ang Li, Pooja Sethiya, Longguang Qin, Hio Kuan Tai, Koon Ho Wong, Shirley W. I. Siu

Molecular Modeling of Signal Peptide Recognition by Eukaryotic Sec Complexes

Authors : Sreetama Das, Pratiti Bhadra, S. Ramakumar, Debnath Pal

Signal Peptide Features Determining the Substrate Specificities of Targeting and Translocation Components in Human ER Protein Import

Authors : Sven Lang, Duy Nguyen, Pratiti Bhadra, Martin Jung, Volkhard Helms, Richard Zimmermann

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