"Curriculum at Amrita aims at providing a variety of opportunities for student involvement and for student success.Students develop courage, self-confidence and appreciation of the lasting values of life and a realisation of those worthless things which should be discarded. Our school is extremely fortunate to have a team of committed and caring staff who place the success of students at the heart of every instructional decision. At Amrita Mysore campus, we strive to habituate students in the right mode of conduct, thus strengthening their character. The school prayer, the curricular & co-curricular activities, celebrations of festivals, club activities and other programmes are all geared towards the dissemination of “Human” values apart from the focus on academic excellence which is our prime focus. Make the best of these facilities provided to you. Use your talents to the full, do your best but know what is your best. Wish you a very bright future."

Computer Science
The Department of Computer Science embarks on providing its students a strong background in computing in an efficient, effective and innovative learning environment. The Computer Science Department of Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Mysore was established with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science. We aim at carving out graduates with professional knowledge. Provides generality for developing professionals as Programmer, System Analyst, and Database Administrator to enhance the applicability.

Gokul Dev Dr.Gokuldev S
Asst. Professor

Qualification : M.E, M.Phil, M.Sc,(PhD)

Research Interest : Distributed and Grid Computing

Experience :11Years of teaching experience. Published papers in refereed national and international journals and presented papers in international conferences, Chaired sessions at many conferences.

Shobha Rani Dr.Shobha Rani N

Qualification : M.Sc,(Ph.D)

Research Interest :Digital Image Processing, Optical character recognition, pattern recognition and computer Vision

Experience :7Years of teaching experience and has several reputed International publications

Pallavi Ms.Pallavi M S
Faculty Associate

Qualification :M.S(Computer Cognition Technology),pursuing Ph.D

Research Interest :Data Sciences and Analytic,Algorithms, and Bioinformatics.

Experience :7Years of teaching experience with 1 year industry experience

Kanchana V Ms.Kanchana V

Qualification :M.C.A,M.Tech(IT)

Research Interest :Information management,Software Engineering ,

Experience :12Years Published papers in several National and international journals

Vinayak Mr.Vinayak Hegde

Qualification : M.Sc (Soft.Inf.Sys) CCNA,CCAI in JAVA, PGDSM

Research Interest :Data Science Analytics,Data Mining.

Experience :11Years Attended several National workshops and seminars.

Santhosh Kumar Mr.Santhosh Kumar B J
Asst. Professor

Qualification : M.Tech, MSc

Research Interest :Network Security ,Operating Systems, Open Source Softwares.

Experience :10Years

Manishankar Mr.Manishankar S
Asst. Professor

Qualification : M.Tech (PhD)

Research Interest : Cloud Computing & Networking

Experience :4Years of teaching experience and has 0.5 years of industrial experience with 1 year in research.

Sudharshan Duth Mr.Sudharshan Duth P

Qualification :M.Tech

Research Interest :Digital Image Processing, Software Engineering, Database, Computer Networks

Experience :7Years of teaching experience with 2 years of experience in industry. has attended 1 international conference, 4 national level workshops and 2 seminars

Shobha Rani Dr.R Senthil Kumar

Qualification : MCA, MBA, Ph.D

Research Interest :MObile Networks

Experience : 10 years of teaching experience including research.

Adiwitiya Mr.Adwithya Mukopadhya
Faculty Associate

Qualification :MSc, CCNS, N+, RHCE

Research Interest :Wireless Networks security,Distributed system, System and Network Administration.

Experience :7Years of teaching and 0.8 years of industry including 3 years of research.

Bipin B J Mr.Bipin Nair B J
Faculty Associate

Qualification :MCA, Pursuing (PhD)

Research Interest :Bioinformatic & Algorithms, Chemiinformatics

Experience :6Years of teaching experience with several International and national conferences attended.

Pushpa Ms.Pushpa B R
Faculty Associate

Qualification :MCA

Research Interest :Image Processing, Operating Systems, Networking

Experience :6Years of teaching experience with 2 national workshops attended.

Ms.Apoorva P
Faculty Associate

Qualification :M.Sc(Computer Science

Research Interest :Computer Networks and Network Security

Experience :5Years of teaching experience

Mr.Akshay S
Faculty Associate

Qualification :MS, Pursuing (PhD)

Research Interest :Computer Vision,Eye Tracking,Pattern Recognition,Algorithms,Java Programming

Experience :4 Years of teaching experience and has attended international and national seminars

Ms.Akshatha Prabhu
Faculty Associate

Qualification :MS

Research Interest : Database

Experience :3Years of teaching experience

Mr.Srikantarao S
Faculty Associate

Qualification :B E, M.Tech

Research Interest :Network Security, Database, Algorithms

Experience :1 year Industry Experience, 2.5 years teaching experience

Mr.Santhosh Anand
Faculty Associate

Qualification :B E, M.Tech

Research Interest :Computer Network, Wireless Sensor Network

Experience :8 years teaching experience

Ms.Prajwala N B
Faculty Associate

Qualification :B E, M.Tech

Research Interest :Image Processing

Experience :1 year industrial experience

Ms.Indumathi S M
Faculty Associate

Qualification :M.Sc in Mathematics/p>

Research Interest :Complex Analysis, Differential Calculus, Trignometry

Ms.Vijayalakshmi M K
Faculty Associate

Qualification :M.Sc in Mathematics

Research Interest :Differential Calculus

Ms.Kruthika Vijay
Faculty Associate

Qualification :M.Sc in Maths

Research Interest :Group Theory

Experience :1Years of teaching experience and area of interest in discreet mathematics