Amrita UMS is a comprehensive and innovative system for effective management of content, learning management services, assessment management services and learning administration services. Amrita UMS practically covers the entire area of operations of the university. Amrita UMS is a fully integrated, highly configurable, platform independent university wide Information System with scalability and performance at the same time ensuring to meet all the needs of an educational institution and much more.

University Management System

High Level Workflow of Amrita University Management System


Academic Management

The academic module of Amrita University Management System (AUMS) can be used to automate all the functions related to academics such as setting an institution name, the branches that will be taught, their respective courses for specified academic calendars, registering students to programs and courses, evaluation procedures, setting the time table, entering the attendance of the students, and promoting students.

You can perform the following tasks using the academics module of Amrita UMS.

  • Enter details for a new institution
  • Academic period and term period creation
  • Academic program definition
  • Course creation, offering and allocation
  • Class creation for a course
  • Assigning students and staff to a class
  • Attendance entry
  • Student graduation


The evaluation module of AUMS automates evaluation, marks entry, grade assignment and other functions related to evaluation. Evaluation components are defined for each term period of an academic program. Examinations are conducted for each evaluation components of a course and marks are entered. Each academic program is mapped to a grade rule and grades are assigned to the students of that academic program based on the grade rule assigned.

The following tasks can be performed using the Evaluation Module of Amrita UMS.

  • Evaluation Component Definition

  • Attaching evaluation component to term period
  • Setting Exam date for evaluation component

  • Evaluation Components Marks Entry

  • Examination marks rounding rule and rounding method
  • Grace marks entry (eg, attendance)

  • Setting grade range from the stem chart

  • Letter grade creation

  • Grade Assignment

  • SGPA and CGPA assignment
  • Getting result from AUMS

Publishing Result

  • Printing Semester Grade Sheet

  • Sample Grade Sheet

  • Evaluation course group creation
  • Transcript Printing

  • Sample Transcript

Managing Student and Staff Registration

Use the Amrita University Management System (UMS) to automate the operations of a university. Students and staff of the university are registered through the SRM and HR module of Amrita UMS. The SRM and HR module generates a unique identification number (ID) for every student and employee. This ID is the key reference for all transactions, such as collecting the fees for a student. The following section describes the SRM and HR workflow.

The SRM and HR module of Amrita UMS can be used to:

  • Create new admission type
  • Create new qualification type
  • Create new qualifying exam
  • Create new qualifying program
  • Create new qualifying program branches
  • Create new university/ board
  • Create new contact type
  • Create new community
  • Register students
  • Register staff
  • Map staff to an institution
  • Setting staff profile
  • Viewing staff profile

E-learning Management Amrita UMS

The academic module of AUMS automates all the functions related to learning. In Amrita UMS various modes and methods are integrated an organized or proper learning. Amrita UMS offers a full suited online learning tools including uploading syllabus, announcements, resources, assignments, and so on.

The academics module of Amrita UMS can be used to

  • Create / edit syllabus
  • Add a new announcement.
  • Merge an announcement.
  • Upload a new resource.
  • Download uploaded resource.
  • Add topic for discussion.
  • Add category for discussion.
  • Add a new assignment.
  • Edit course information.
  • Compose and send messages.
  • Schedule events.

Fee Management Using Amrita UMS

Use the fee management module of Amrita University Management System (UMS) to automate all the functions related to fee management such as setting the fee category, fee section, fee structure, assigning fee structure to students, collecting fee from student, refunding fee to students, and so on.

The Fee Management module of AUMS can be used to

  • Create Fee Category
  • Create Fee Section
  • Create Fee Term
  • Create Fee Structure
  • Map Fee Section to Fee Structure
  • Assign Fee Structure to an Academic Program
  • Collecting Fee
  • Refunding Fee

Library Management Using Amrita UMS

Amrita UMS application’s library module can record all library transactions. All users can be registered through the library module. Whenever a new biblio/journal arrives in the library it is added to the system using the library module. Various book transactions such as issue, return, renewal and reservation etc can be performed using the library module. The library module keeps track of the journals in the library.

The SRM and HR module of Amrita UMS can be used to:

  • Create New Library
  • Set Accession Number
  • Add Member
  • Add Staff and Student in Bulk
  • Define Biblio Lending Rule
  • Add New Biblio
  • Add Biblio Copies
  • Add New Journal
  • Subscribe Journal
  • Receive Journal
  • Bound Journal
  • Issue Book
  • Reserve Book
  • Renew Book
  • Collect Fine
  • Transfer Book
  • Borrow Book
  • Create Proposal for Book
  • Create Various Masters