Amrita-University-Coimbatore-Campus-HostelThe Gate Pass Management process was computerized to have an easy mechanism for resident students to apply for a Gate Pass in the campus.  The Gate Pass system is to ensure that the information on students’ exit from and entry to the campus is maintained.  Until recently this was managed through a manual system.  This had its limitations with regard to application process, approval system, etc.  The computerized Gate Pass Management System (GPMS) system was introduced to overcome the limitations of the manual system.  The system also generates information base that is used by various other departments in the campus for optimum resources utilization. 

The GPMS system allows a resident student to apply for her / his Gate Pass online.  The GPMS portal is only available on the campus intranet.The concerned hostel authorities approve this request.  The student is informed through an E-mail / SMS as soon as her / his Gate Pass is approved.  The student just needs to swipe their card at the main security gate while leaving the campus to indicate her / his exit.  While returning, the student swipes the card again at the main gate to indicate her / his entry back into the campus.

The system records all transactions, which help to generate large amount of information for campus management.  The system is completely designed, developed and implemented by the Information and Communication Technology (ICTS) team at the Coimbatore campus with support from the Chairman of Council of Wardens and other Faculty Wardens.