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HuT Labs is an engineering research lab using robotics for social cause. The dedicated research lab, HuT (Humanitarian Technology) Labs is mainly focusing on Robotics, Health Care, Human Aided Devices, and Embedded Systems and is headed by Prof. Rajesh Kannan Megalingamof department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. It was established in 2012. Within a year of establishment, HuT Labs carried out significant research works with more than 10 research paper publications and currently has more than 150 research paper publications in reputed journals, international conferences etc.With more than 50 national and international achievements and recognitions, HuT Labs is one of the top research labs in India in terms of using technology for humanitarian cause. Self-E, a self-driving wheelchair robot, Amaran, a coconut tree climbing and harvesting robot, Mudra, a hand gesture based wheelchair robot, Paripreksya, a search and rescue robot for disaster management, CHETAK, a self-governing and multi-tasking home assistance robot etc. are some of the significant robots built at HuT Labs.

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