Course Title: 
Human Resource Management
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Year Taught: 
Doctoral Programs
School of Arts and Sciences

'Human Resource Management' is an elective course offered in the second semester of M. Phil. Commerce and Management (Part - Time) offered by School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi.

Unit 1: 

Evolution, role and status of Human resource management in India – Structure and functions of HRM – Systems view of HRM.

Unit 2: 

Manpower Planning – Concept, organization and practices, manpower planning techniques – short term and long term planning.

Unit 3: 

Recruitment and Selection Skill – Job analysis – Description – Job Specification – Selection Process – Tests and interviews – Placement and induction. Performance appraisal – purpose – Factors affecting performance appraisal – Counseling.

Unit 4: 

Training and development – Need and Importance – Assessment of training needs – Training and development and various categories of personnel – Career planning and development – Career counseling, promotions and transfers – Retirement and other separation processes.

Unit 5: 

Wages and Salary administration – Developing a sound compensation structure – Regularity provisions – Incentives – Grievance handling and discipline – Developing grievance handling and discipline – Development grievance handling systems – collective bargaining – Managing conflicts.

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