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International Business
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Year Taught: 
Doctoral Programs
School of Arts and Sciences

'International Business' is an elective course offered in the second semester of M. Phil. Commerce and Management (Part - Time) offered by School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi.

Unit 1: 

International Business - Meaning- Evolution-Nature-Need-stages ofInternationalization- International Trade Theories CompetitiveAdvantages of International Business-Problems of International Business.

Unit 2: 

International Business Environment- Introduction-Social and cultural Environment- Technological Environment-Economic-Environment-Political Environment.

Unit 3: 

Strategies and structures of International Business: Introduction-Peculiarities of International Strategic Management-International Strategic Management Process Analysis of Mission and Goals, organizational Analysis, Analysis of International Environment, International SWOT Analysis, Alternative corporate Level strategies, Business Level Strategies, Selection of Best Strategy, Strategyimplementation, Evaluation and Control.

Unit 4: 

International HR and Finance Management: International Human Resources Management (HRM)- Nature- Comparison of Domestic and International HRM. International Financial Management - Nature-Comparison of Domestic and International Financial Management.

Unit 5: 

International Marketing and Operations management: International Marketing Management:- Nature – Comparison of Domestic and International Marketing Management- Benefits of International Marketing. International operations Management- Naturecomparison of Domestic & International Operations management.

  1. International Business Text and Cases By Dr. P.Subba Rao, Himalaya Publishing House, Delhi.
  2. International Business by K. Aswathappa, Tata McGraw Hill Education Private Limited, New Delhi. 
  3. Kings International Business by Devendra Thakur, Kings Books, Delhi.
  4. International Business by Rakesh Mohan Joshi, Oxford Publication.
  5. International Marketing by sakOnkvisit and John J.Shaw Prentice Hall, New Delhi.