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Low Cost Hybrid Aerostat

A low cost Hybrid Aerostat was fabricated by the students of Aerospace Engineering guided by faculty and lab technicians. This unique low cost Aerostat has a maximum payload capacity of 0.25 kg, can reach up to 150m altitude and can stay up continuously for 5 hours. It has great potential in the area of surveillance like live video transmission, atmospheric studies, etc.



Quadrotor, or flight with four rotors, was developed as a part of undergraduate project. This 0.75 kg weighing quadrotor can carry a maximum payload of 0.1 kg, fly up to an altitude of 30m and stay in the air continuously for 5 minutes. This device finds application in aerial photography for surveillance and can be used for disaster management.

Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV)

Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) is fabricated in-house in Aerospace labs for carrying out experiments in flight testing laboratory. This is a unique set-up by Aerospace lab to study the flight dynamics characteristics of an aircraft by taking the measurements of various flight parameters when aircraft is in flight.

The UAV used for experiment with a tricycle-type landing gear has a wing span of 1.6 m with all-up weight of 2.25 kg. It is powered by 1000 kV motor and can stay up continuously for 5 minutes.

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