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The Department of Aerospace Engineering (AE) started in the year of 2007 in order to meet the needs and keeping in mind the trends of the current requirements in the Aerospace industries. The Department offers B. Tech. program in Aerospace Engineering with an intake of 60 students per batch. The vast research and teaching experience of the faculty, from reputed institutions within India and abroad, is a matter of pride for the Department. All faculty members of the department hold a Ph.D. in their respective research fields and are thus able to provide critical insight from their respective research domains into the pedagogy. This approach has greatly benefited our students, as evidenced by their consistent performance in competitive exams, including achieving the All-India Rank 1 in the 2020 GATE exam for Aerospace Engineering.

In alignment with the University’s overarching vision, the department endeavours to establish a prominent reputation in the areas of teaching, research, applied engineering, and societal service. With this objective in mind, we strive to help shape a generation of graduates who cannot just confidently pursue higher studies and interdisciplinary research but can also work with confidence in the aerospace industry irrespective of the technology domains assigned to them.

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We take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students, who have not only dedicated themselves to serving our nation in various branches of the armed forces but have also achieved remarkable success as entrepreneurs. Our department diligently ensures that our students receive comprehensive training to excel in all fields related to Aerospace Engineering, placing a special emphasis on interdisciplinary teams.

The prescribed courses of study and syllabi, cover core areas like, aero-design, structures, propulsion, aerodynamics and systems, and areas like Physical Sciences, Humanities and Social Harmony. The laboratories and workshops, detailed in the curriculum, have been framed to take up the challenges in industry and focus on research and development. Tie-ups with the pioneering institutions like NAL, ISRO, DRDO, IITs etc., have served as eye-openers on the complexities of real-life problems for the students. The faculty are actively involved in funded research projects and interested students encouraged to partake in the same.

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By updating the curriculum and continuously improving the pedagogy to keep up pace with advances in the field of Aerospace Engineering, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of this technology domain.


By inculcating research interest in students by offering state of the art and multidisciplinary topics as projects.

Applied Engineering

By including lab courses and design projects, which involve open-ended problems, in the curriculum; thereby demanding innovative approaches.

Service to Society

By imparting knowledge on environmental issues related to Aerospace Engineering and including value based programs to ensure that the student appreciates societal needs.

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To be the best Department of Aerospace Engineering, known for its teaching, research, applied engineering and service to society.

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Program Educational Objectives

Aerospace Engineering graduates will be able to:

  • Confidently pursue higher studies and research.
  • Work in core aerospace industry, which covers diverse technology domains
  • Become an entrepreneur confidently.
  • Meet societal/ national requirements.
  • Perform well in any field allied to fundamentals of Aerospace engineering.
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Program Specific Outcomes

After successful completion of the program, the graduates will be able to:

  • Understand governing principles and apply them in the fundamental disciplines of Aerospace Engineering (aerodynamics, guidance & control, propulsion and structures).
  • Use methodology and tools pertaining to fundamental design of aircraft and rockets.
  • Function in multidisciplinary teams in the Aerospace Engineering domain.
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