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CCRRC Program – Nutrition and Health, Andhra Pradesh

The CCRRC event conducted in AP was aimed at raising awareness in the community on proper nutrition and health. The event was inaugurated by MPDO (Mandal Parishad Development Officer) of Veldudurthi Mandal, Mr Prasad and Tehsildar of Gurajala Mandal, Mr. Phanikumar Naik.

The event commenced with a conversation addressing common yet often overlooked health issues such as anemia and respiratory problems and highlighted the challenges in maintaining hygiene among the villagers.

One of the students of MSW, Dr.Sherin Shaji led a session on nutrition and health. She was accompanied by two registered medical practitioners, Mr. Sreekanth and Mr.Ramlu.

Dr. Sherin’s session highlighted the importance of a balanced diet amongst all social groups such as children, adolescent girls, women, and men. The session also provided insights into maintaining health and outlined the components of a “healthy plate”. A “healthy plate” comprises a well-rounded range of health elements such as a balanced diet, essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and more.

The participants in the CCRRC program received a free medical checkup conducted by Dr.Sherin, Mr. Sreekanth and Mr. Ramlu. The check-ups included recording participants’ height, weight, and blood
pressure, along with providing personalized consultations. The program was conducted as a part of the fieldwork practicum of Social Work.

Awareness Program on Proper Waste Management and the Benefits of Forming a Sustainable Society, Government Primary School, Murad Garhi

Date: 14th November 2023

No. of Participants: 32

The students conducted an awareness activity for the children via audio-visual methods and encouraging students to provide their suggestions on waste management via brainstorming sessions and drawing competitions.

The students were very cooperative and enthusiastic. They demonstrated an understanding of the current scenario of their village. They developed and conveyed the plans they had to tackle improper waste management in their village via the brainstorming session and were able to illustrate what their ideal village would look like with proper waste management practices. The encouraging response from the community and the insights given highlight how these kinds of activities help raise awareness and encourage the youth to actively develop and implement waste management solutions in their village for a better and brighter tomorrow. The program was conducted as a part of the fieldwork practicum of Social Work.

International Day of Eliminating Violence Against Women – Awareness Campaign

Location: Amritapuri campus

Date: 25th November 2022

*As a part of the event, orange ribbons were distributed across campus, among students and faculty, to raise awareness. A social Media campaign was conducted that included sensitising the wider community by updating the display picture of social media platforms to an orange color/ flyer of the event.

International Day of Eliminating Violence Against Women –Rally

Location: Amritapuri campus

Date: 30th November 2022

History Day – This event included ealking about significant women of the past and today. Quiz program was conducted to raise awareness among university students in Amritapuri campus.

Student Led Policy Dialogue- Women and Girls in Science and STEM

Date: 11th of February

The event aimed to showcase perspectives on enhancing the participation of women & girls from marginalized communities in STEM education, careers, and entrepreneurship with distinguished panel members.

  • Dr. Parvathy Krishnan – Chief Technology Officer/Analytics for a Better World Dr. Gauri Karve – Scientific Directo – IMEC
  • Dr. Sarada Jayakrishnan – General Manager/Terumo Penpol Pvt Limited Dr. Mara Susak, LMU Munich, Germany
  • Dr. Jyothi – Associate Dean, School of Engineering – Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

The event will also witness the “launch of the poster-making competition” on three overarching themes.

Stree-Wise- Women’s Holistic Wellbeing, the Ayurveda Way

Date: March 8th, 2023

The Department of  Striroga and Prasuti Tantra (Gynecology and Obstetrics), Amrita School of Ayurveda, is conducting an awareness class regarding general women’s health and menstrual abnormalities along with lifestyle modifications and exercises, for the students of MSW, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. Overall a team of nine gynecologists from the Ayurveda School of Amrita Vishw Vidyapeetham addressed the 1st 2nd and 3 rd year students and faculty members of Masters in Social Work Dept on topics of,

  • The female reproductive system and its functioning
  • Types of Vaginal DIscharge its consistency and frequency and odor and when to consult a doctor
  • Common diseases like PCOs PCOD
  • Simple Asanas to practice
  • Common Health Test for women at varying ages
  • Common Kitchen ingredients to include to for a Healthy nutritious Diet and and healthy menstruation
  • Maintaining Menstrual hygiene dos and don’ts
  • Menstrual products Cups tampons and pads usage and upkeep and safety precautions
  • Menopause, its effects and coping with it
  • Vision and mission of Ayurveda in women’s health.
One Million Lights Nomination and Reflection on Gender Equality in SW Education

Date: March 9th,  2023

The event held at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri, served as a motivation for SW students to actively engage in the One Million Lights Campaign and contemplate the role of gender equality champions in their lives. It inspired to recognize with gratitude and appreciation all gender equality champions in their lives, prompting them to acknowledge the individuals who have made a positive impact on their journeys. The event conducted discussions on the profound significance of the C20 slogan, “You are the Light.” Participants explored its inherent meaning and impact, reflecting on how they could embody this message in their own lives. By instilling a sense of empowerment and responsibility, the event inspired the students to become agents of change, spreading light and driving transformative action within their communities and beyond.

International Day of Women Walkathon and Launch of the One Million Lights Campaign

Date: March 9th,  2023

The event was organized with the aim of bringing attention to International Women’s Day and to kickstart the One Million Lights campaign, accompanied by a call for nominations. Its purpose was to foster awareness and advocacy for women’s rights and empowerment on a global scale. The event provided a platform for students of different departments to come together to celebrate women and their achievements. Through the launch of the One Million Lights campaign, participants were encouraged to nominate outstanding personalities who have made significant contributions to their communities, shining a spotlight on their accomplishments and inspiring others to follow their lead. This event served as a catalyst for upcoming events at the campus in the context of C20.

Understanding Female Psychology by Shabhana Madathil

Date: March 21, 2023, Tuesday

VIDYUT 2023 the national level multifest of Amritapuri Campus under its SOCIAL FORUM is organizing a talk on thought provoking talk about “UNDERSTANDING FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY” by Shabhana Madathil, famous psychologist , success coach and student mentor.

RASOI, the Cookery Show by Youtube’s Salu’s Kitchen fame Sameera Nizaruddin

Date : April 13, 2023

Partner: Vidyuth

The cookery talk show was held on April 13th, 2023, at the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Amritapuri, India. Approximately 100 participants made up an amazing attendance. The Cookery shows have become immensely popular across the globe, showcasing culinary talents and inspiring people to explore their passion for cooking. However, it is important to recognize the role of these shows in promoting gender sensitization, challenging gender stereotypes, and creating a more inclusive culinary landscape. The resource person was popular youtube fame Ms. Shalu , who led the cookery show in fostering gender equality and highlighted diverse perspectives within the culinary world. Major agenda for this event were

Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Shalu’s Cookery show have traditionally perpetuated gender stereotypes by portraying cooking as a predominantly female domain. However, in recent years, there has been a positive shift towards breaking these stereotypes. Shalu’s Cookery show feature both male and female chefs, demonstrating that culinary skills are not limited by gender.

Encouraging Representation and Inclusivity: Shalu’s Cookery show play a crucial role in promoting representation and inclusivity by featuring chefs from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Promoting Collaboration and Teamwork: Many Shalu’s Cookery show emphasize collaboration and teamwork, fostering an environment of mutual respect and equality. By featuring male and female chefs working together, these shows demonstrate that culinary excellence is a collective effort and not limited to any particular gender.

Addressing Gender Bias in Culinary Narratives: Shalu’s Cookery show have the power to challenge gender bias in culinary narratives. By highlighting the expertise, creativity, and achievements of both male and female chefs, these shows break the stereotype that women are only proficient in home cooking while men dominate professional kitchens. This shift in narrative helps dismantle gender bias and encourages viewers to appreciate the diverse talents and contributions of all chefs, regardless of their gender.

Inspiring Aspiring Chefs: Shalu’s Cookery show serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring chefs, regardless of their gender. By featuring successful chefs who have overcome challenges and achieved recognition, these shows provide role models for aspiring culinary professionals.

Gender Sensitization: Transcending Conversations

Date: May 4th, 2023

An eye opening discussion on the Transgender community at VIDYUT multifest, under its SOCIAL FORUM and in collaboration with the Social Work department organized by Amritapuri Campus. The Civil20 Working Group on Gender Equality offered Transcending Conversations, featuring a panel of esteemed speakers including :

  • Dr. Sandeep – AIMS
  • Adv. Padma Lekshmi – 1st transgender lawyer in Kerala
  • K. Prithika Yashini India’s first transgender police officer in Tamilnadu
  • Akkai Padmashali – Human Rights Activist
  • Dr. Bhavani Rao, Dean ASSBS
Gender sensitization and Film screening and Discussion on Gender Equality and Women’s empowerment with Filmmaker Frederique Bedos

Date: 13th June, 2023

Under C20, the screening of the documentary film “Women and Men”, to be followed by a discussion with the filmmaker, Frédérique Bedos.

The documentary makes a shocking overview of the prevailing gender inequality in all parts of the World, and includes key testimonies. The documentary was created with the participation of UN-Women, CEDWA, FAO and the French Ministry of Women’s Rights. It explains that to face contemporary challenges, the path of equality is the path of progress.

Le Project Imagine is a NGO created by Frédérique Bedos which aims to create a commitment for a more inclusive and sustainable society. The purpose of the event was to highlight the landscape of gender inequality worldwide and to provide a launching pad for students and faculty to consider ways they can foster more gender equality in their lives. Through a collection of key testimonies, Women and Men makes us realize that to face contemporary challenges, the path of equality for all is the path of progress.

You are the Light Campaign

Date: 31st January 2023

The “You Are the Light” awareness sessions brought together the tailoring units of the Sankalp project in a series of activities. The preliminary aim was to inform about India C20, the C20 Chair and a reflection on its slogan You are the light followed by an awareness walk and discussion. Through their exceptional performance, the tailoring units shone as beacons of hope and resilience within their communities. This event served as a testament to their unwavering spirit and determination, demonstrating the transformative power of the C20 slogan You are the light not only for their own lives but also inspired others to believe in their own potential, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment within the Sankalp project and beyond.

C20 Theme Initiative : Gender Sensitization campaigning

Date: 6th February 2023

Nagercoil team coridnated a gender sensitisation campaigining in schhols with an intention on promoting awarness on gender roles, Gender sensitization campaigning is an essential aspect of promoting equality, inclusivity, and social justice. It involves raising awareness and challenging deeply ingrained stereotypes, biases, and discriminatory practices that perpetuate gender inequality.This gives the importance of gender sensitization campaigning and highlights key strategies for its successful implementation among school childrens.

Community Program: Women empowerment & You are the Light’

Date: 26th January 2023

The Social work trainees have organized a community program at the village by participating the villagers including women ,children and men. including key persons. A poster presentation, flashmob and an awareness program on self defense are conducted. :You Are The Light awareness theme was

integrated in all the programs.    A good participation of people in the village were present at the venue and all shows were happy in associating with the programmes.

Also introduced the theme of C20 through the activities and awareness programs.Programme guests include Dr.Nanditha, Mr. VS Kochukrishna Kurup, Ms.Prema Akka (Key contact person) Mrs .Kalavathi Amma(Contact person at the community), Most of the community leaders were present at the venue.

C20 Awareness – Women Empowerment Program

Date: 1st of February 2023

As part of fieldwork of M S W students from Amrita VishwaVidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus,Kollam, Kerala, have conducted an awareness session and group discussion among the trainees of SANKALP project at the training center Palamedu Madurai.

The topic of the Awareness session and discussion was C20 (civil 20) and Women Empowerment.

There were six Sankalp project Trainees attended the awareness session on C 20 and there after a discussion on the C20- working group of women environment under G20.   After the awareness session the MSW students started the group discussion on the subject, and finally recorded their opinion on importance of working with civil society for empowerment of women as part of C20 .At the end of the program, it was noted that all the participants have a better idea about initiatives of G20 and the objectives of C20 which is under the leadership of Sri.Matha Amritanandamayi Devi.

Towards an Inclusive Future; G20 initiative based on Gender Equality and Disability

Date: 2nd February 2023

The program “Towards an Inclusive Future” was a G20 initiative that focused on promoting gender equality and disability inclusion. It aimed to create awareness, foster dialogue, and implement strategies for an inclusive society. The program involved approximately 150 participants, including students, parents, and officials. Key elements of the program included awareness and education, capacity building, and collaboration. The objectives were to promote gender equality and enhance disability inclusion. The program featured program introductions, presentations, Q&A sessions, and group discussions. It aimed to inspire, educate, and foster collaboration to create a more inclusive future for all individuals.

Enlighten the Future

Date: 24th January 2023

Location/Venue: Gullepalli, Andhra Pradesh

Collaborative Organizations: Akshara High School,Gullepalli,Gullepalli Grama Panchayath speaker

The program “To Enlighten the Future” aimed to create awareness about the G20 initiative on gender equality and disability. It focused on exhibiting the key elements and objectives of the program. The event took place in Gullepalli, Andhra Pradesh, and witnessed the participation of approximately 800 students, faculty members, and governmental officials.

The C20 Rally for Protecting the Girl Child was organized with the objective of raising awareness about the importance of protecting and empowering girls. The rally aimed to advocate for gender equality, highlight the challenges faced by the girl child, and promote collective action to ensure their safety, education, and well-being.

Rally – “Save Girl Child”: A rally was organized with the tagline “Save Girl Child.” Participants marched through the streets, carrying banners and placards and raising awareness about the importance of gender equality and the need to protect and support the rights of the girl child. The rally aimed to generate public attention and engagement on the issue.

The program “To Enlighten the Future” aimed to create awareness about the G20 initiative on gender equality and disability. It emphasized key elements related to girl child’s nutrition, health, and education.The program included an address to the audience highlighting the importance of girl child’s nutrition, health, and education. Additionally, a rally with the tagline “Save Girl Child” was organized to raise awareness about gender equality and advocate for the rights and well-being of the girl child. The program sought to create a collective understanding and action toward promoting gender equality and empowering girls for a brighter future.

The C20 Rally for Protecting the Girl Child was a powerful demonstration of collective action and commitment towards ensuring the rights and well-being of girls. The rally brought together a diverse group of participants and engaged the public through speeches, marches, awareness campaigns, cultural performances, and pledges. The event aimed to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the girl child and advocate for gender equality, education, health, and safety. By amplifying the voices and concerns of girls, the rally sought to foster a society that nurtures, protects, and empowers every girl, creating a brighter future for all.

Community Outreach and C20 Event

Date: 31 January 2023

As part of M.S.W student fieldwork from Amrita VishwaVidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus, Kollam, Kerala, Students have conducted an awareness session and group discussion among the villagers of Ettimadai, Coimbatore.

C20 (civil 20) and Women’s Empowerment with the theme title “You are the light” were the core of the awareness and discussion session. 16 MSW students and 2 faculty members facilitated the session among the villagers. The villagers invited the students and faculty members to be part of the temple festival. The students and faculty members had a lively session where villagers shared their ideas and opinions about women’s empowerment and what ‘You are the Light’ meant to them. Include in cultural events can be understood as accepted by the villagers. At the end of the program, all the participants had a better idea about the initiatives of G20 and the objectives of C20, which is under the leadership of Sri.Matha Amritanandamayi Devi.

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