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Academia Industry Partnership
  • Research projects sponsored by the non-government sources such as industry, corporate houses, international bodies, etc.
  • Consultancy & Corporate Training
  • Workshops / Seminars conducted on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Collaborative activities for research, faculty sabbatical, student internship
  • MoUs with national laboratories / industries in India and abroad for project work, student internship / faculty sabbatical and collaborative research
  • Industry supported laboratories
  • Industry involvement in the delivery of regular courses
  • Professor of practice / Adjunct professor of practice / Guest faculty, etc.
  • Utilise intellectual and scientific resources of Amrita to support industry in R&D / Innovation / Product Development
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Areas of Collaboration

Nominate Subject Matter Experts for

  • Board of Studies
  • Faculty Development Programmes
  • Guest Lectures and Colloquia
  • Adjunct Faculty


  • Offer Special Training Programmes for company executives
  • Offer Consultancy
  • Work in industry on sabbatical
  • Collaborate with industry in Joint Research Programmes
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Companies can also contribute in following

  • Establish Research Facilities
  • Funded Research Projects
  • Support Technical Contests
  • Suggest Industry Specific Electives
  • Participate in Curriculum Development
  • For upskilling their employees, companies can nominate their executives for customized M.Tech. / Ph.D. programmes
  • Collaborate in Joint Product Development
  • Sponsor Research Fellowships
  • Sponsor Technical and Social events
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Support students

  • Offering Projects
  • Summer and Final semester internships
  • In-plant training
  • Visit to facilities for exposing them to latest technologies and industry practices
  • Giving opportunities for organizing workshops and competitions

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