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VLSI Design Lab

The Department has a very strong team focusing on research based VLSI Design.The VLSI design lab is equipped with state of the art computing platforms and hardware and software tools for ASIC and FPGA development.

The VLSI design lab is equipped with a torrent of development platforms and EDA tools including latest releases of Cadence, Synopsys ASIC design Tools, Mentor Graphics toolset for HDL design and FPGA prototyping, XILINX FPGA kits and the XILINX ISE and EDK platform tools, DSP kits from Texas Instruments etc.

The lab timings are highly flexible for the students to spend ample time validating their ideas. The entire system is designed to seamlessly identify capable students right during their undergraduate days, and train them in emerging technologies. Opportunity is also provided for bright students to work in various real-time research and development projects.
Some of the recent designs to site that rolled out from the undergraduate VLSI design team include a fully configurable FFT processor, FPGA based Digital Mammogram analyzer, a Superscalar implementation of the MIPS processor etc.

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Digital Systems Lab

The lab has state of the art facilities for conducting experiments on basic digital systems based on LSI chips as well as advanced topics such as microcontroller interfacing and embedded computing using 8 to 32 bit microcontrollers. Along with the regular academic curriculum based experiments, the lab facilitates a platform for the undergraduate students to develop and validate newer concept based designs.

A low power implementation of wireless remote controlled display system, that was selected for presentation at the CMENS 2009 (Dec.) conference at Dubai is one of the project designed at the Digital systems Lab. A detailed list of publications is available at the research page.

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Analog Electronics Lab

The Analog electronics lab provides the undergraduate students an exposure to the basics of solid state electronics during the regular academic cycle and doubles up as a stage for the prototyping and validation of various undergraduate designs pertaining to low and medium power analog systems.

A host of communication systems based experiments are also built at the analog electronics lab including various hardware based analog and digital modulation techniques like basic AM, BSBSC-AM, FM, TDM etc for the undergraduate students to gain exposure.

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Microwave and Optical Communication Lab

The Microwave and Optical Communication lab is setup to introduce advanced concepts of transmission lines, radiating systems and high speed communication links to the students. The lab provides the students to try out various experiments on radiating systems and analyze the complex concepts introduced in the class.

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DSP, Communnication and Simulation Lab

The DSP, Communication and Simulation lab is a state of the art facility that provides the undergraduate and graduate students with high end computation and simulation systems for various high-end EDA and simulation tools including PSPICE, MATLAB, ModelSim, RouterSim etc. The lab also has provision for hardware in loop co-simulation and platform emulation using XILINX SPARTAN family FPGAs and Texas Instruments DSP system development kits. The DSP systems are introduced in a practical perspective where the design and development skills of the students are honed and refined to enable them to become future architects of advanced systems.

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