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Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda (ĀCĀRA) is a new initiative of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham at the Amrita School of Ayurveda located in the Amritapuri Campus of the institution.
ĀCĀRA is inspired by the vision of Amma to provide a scientific backing for traditional medical practices and pave the way for the development of an evidence based Integrative approach to health care. Ayurveda is being increasingly accessed by people world over and has an unbroken continuity in its practice in India.


IASTAM India (Indian Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine) is a multidisciplinary organization that pioneered intellectual conclaves and is active for over 38 years. It has been organizing events at the international & national level on subjects of significance. With the theme ‘Connecting Systems, Bridging Disciplines’ it is now committed to global healthcare through AYUSH systems and integrative efforts to bridge the gaps in the medical care. IASTAM has conducted important meets as ‘ICAAM 2016 – International Conference on Advances in Asian Medicine’, ‘Consultative Meet on Cancer’ at behest of Ministry of AYUSH in 2016, ‘Conclave on Translational Research Opportunities in Ayurveda’ in 2017, ‘Brainstorming Meet on NITI AYOG Initiative:

Cancer Care and Research in AYUSH: Developing a Roadmap

Worldwide, cancer is the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease. Prevention and treatment measures focusing on environmental factors have been implemented, but little progress in reducing the incidence of cancers has been made. The cost of cancer treatment remains prohibitive in major parts of the world. Cancer burden in India is growing and 1 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed every year in a population of 1·2 billion. In age-standardized terms, the mortality burden of cancer in India is comparable to that seen in high-income countries. Such figures are partly indicative of low rates of early-stage detection and poor treatment outcomes.

In India, there is widespread use of traditional medical systems like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy for management of Cancer in various stages of its clinical presentation. There are reports of benefits from such interventions, even as there are serious concerns about the delay in seeking conventional care as well as herb-drug interactions that can lead to adverse outcomes. On the other hand, there is a strong consensus that primary and secondary prevention, pain and palliative care, as well as supportive care during chemotherapy and radiation, are the areas of promise where AYUSH systems can make substantial contributions in cancer care. Drug discovery from cancer from traditional therapeutics has always been an area of research interest for several decades that needs new dimensions. It is also believed that the AYUSH knowledge base can help throw new light on the development of the disease and its manifestations.

In these circumstances, there is a need to develop integrative approaches and treatment guidelines for the management of cancer to maximise treatment outcomes. This calls for a systematic dialogue and continuous deliberations between practitioners of AYUSH systems and conventional medicine as well as researchers and academicians.

The Conclave on “Cancer Care and Research in AYUSH: Developing a Roadmap” is an outcome-oriented step in this direction. The conclave aims to achieve the stated objective of a roadmap through structured deliberations for well-defined endpoints with the following sub themes :

  • Developing Drugs and Products for Cancer Management
  • Cancer Biology and AYUSH Principles, Evolving Integrative Approaches
  • Treatment modalities for AYUSH in Cancer
  • Prevention of Cancer, AYUSH Perspectives

February 15, 2019: There will be a Pre Conclave Workshop on Ayush Treatment Modalities of Cancer. Entry is restricted to 50 participants. The IASTAM Award Function will also be held in the evening of February 15, 2019 from 3:30 PM onwards.

February 16, 2019: The Brainstorming Sessions of the Cancer Conclave will be conducted from 9 am onwards.

February 17, 2019: Oral presentations of selected abstracts will be presented in three parallel sessions. Posters will be presented in two sessions. The Conclave will conclude at 3.30 pm.

Who Can Attend

Faculty, Medical practitioners, PG and Ph.D. scholars, Internees, Researchers and scientist from Ayurveda, Life science and medical streams.



IASTAM Awardees 2019

IASTAM Orations

Program Schedule

Day 1 – February 15, 2019

Venue: Seminar Hall, Amrita Centre for Nano Sciences and Molecular Medicine, Annex Building, B Block, First Floor

Time Day 1                  Day Friday             Date – 15/02/2019
8.30 am to 9.00am Registration
9.00 am to 1.00 pm Welcome
Introduction of the Resource Persons Dr. Sasikumar Nechiyil, Dr. Susheela Saji, Dr. Vijith Sasidhar
Clinical Experiences
Diagnostic Protocols
Treatment Algorithms
Discussions, Deliberations and View Points
Feedback from Participants
3.30 pm IASTAM ORATION & AWARD FUNCTION and Inauguration


Venue: Annex Auditorium, B Block, Third Floor

Time Day 1 Day Friday Date – 15/02/2019
3.00 – 3.30 pm Registration & Tea
3.30 pm – 3.35 pm Invocation
3.35 pm – 3.50 pm Welcome & Introductions – Dr. P. Rammanohar, Research Director, Amrita School of Ayurveda
3.50 pm to 4.00 pm Felicitation of Guests: Amrita – Representative / IASTAM Representatives
4.00 pm- 4.15 pm [ 15 minutes] IASTAM – Awards & Remarks: Dr. Narendra Bhatt, President IASTAM
4.15 pm- 4.40 pm [25 minutes] Felicitation and IASTAM – Pandit Shiv Sharma Oration – Vd. Devendra Triguna
4.40 pm to 5.05 pm [ 25 minutes] Felicitation and IASTAM – Zandu International Oration (International Recipient) – Dr. Robin Marles
5.05 pm to 5.30 pm [ 25 minutes] Felicitation and IASTAM – Zandu International Oration (Indian Recipient) – Dr. S. C. Lakhotia
5.30 pm- 6.15 pm [ 45 minutes] Felicitation of IASTAM Awardees
6.15 pm to 6.35 pm Address by Chief Guest – Shri Shekhar Dutt
6.35 pm to 6.50 pm Address by Guest of Honour – Dr. W. Selvamurthy
6.50 pm to 7.05 pm Address by Guest of Honour – Dr. Asim Ali Khan
7.05 pm to 7.15 pm Address by Special Guest – Prof. Dr. Angelika Messner
7.15 pm- 7.30 pm Presidential Address – Br. Sankara Chaitanya
7.30 pm to 7.40 pm Vote of Thanks – IASTAM Representative
7.40 pm Dinner

Day 2 – February 16, 2019


Opening Keynote Address (9.00 am to 9.30 am)

Dr. Y.K. Gupta, President, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal and Former Academic Dean and HOD, Dept of Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Session 1

Cancer Prevention (9.30 am to 10.30 am)


  • Dr. Neeraj Tandon, Scientist G, Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi
  • Dr. Srikanth, Dy. Director General, Central Council of Ayurvedic Sciences


  • Dr. Angelika, IASTAM, Germany
  • Dr. SN Gupta, Professor, JD Patel College of Ayurveda, Nadiad


  • Dr. Anup Thakkar, Director, IPGTRA, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar
  • Dr. Manohar Gundetti, Scientist, CCRAS, Mumbai

Session 2

Treatment Modalities and Clinical Insights (10.30 am to 1.15 pm)


  • Dr. Asim Ali Khan, Director. CCRUM
  • Dr. P. Rammanohar, Research Director, Amrita School of Ayurveda


  • Dr. C. P. Mathew, Former Head of Oncology, Kottayam Medical College
  • Dr. Younis Munshi, Central Council for Unani Medicine
  • Dr. Antonella Delle Fave, University of Milan, Italy
  • Dr. Kishor Patwardhan, Professor, BHU


  • Dr. Manoj Unni, Hematologist, AIMS, Kochi
  • Dr. Neeraj Siddharth, Hematologist, AIMS, Kochi
  • Dr. Arun Philip, Medical Oncology, AIMS
  • Dr. Suresh Kumar, Chief Physician, Triveni Nursing Home
  • Dr. Pooja Sabharwal, Associate Professor, Charak Brahmaprakash Ayurved Sansthan, New Delhi
  • Vd. Dharmadhikari, Ayurvedic Practitioner


Session 3 Drug Development (2 pm to 3.45 pm)


  • Dr. Vinay Bansal, Senior Advisor, Hylasco Biotech


  • Dr. Satish Kitambi, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Dr. Prasoon Gupta, Scientist, IIIM, Jammu
  • Dr. Narendra Bhatt, President, IASTAM


  • Dr. Atmaram Pawar, Vice Principal, Pune College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. SD Kamat, Ayurveda Physician, Mumbai
  • Dr. Sreeraj Gopi, Chief Scientist, Plant Lipids, Kochi
  • Dr. Robin Marles, Health Canada
  • Dr. Natarajan, Chemist, Sami Labs
  • Dr. Sabita, Principal, Amrita School of Pharmacy

Session 4 Cancer Biology (4 pm to 5 pm)


  • Dr. S.C. Lakhotia, Professor, Benares Hindu University
  • Dr. Sriram Savrikar, Former Vice Chancellor


  • Dr. Jugnu Jain, Director, Sapien Biosciences


  • Dr. Krishnakumar Menon, Scientist,  Amrita Centre for Nano Sciences and Molecular Medicine
  • Dr. Ullas Mony, Scientist,  Amrita Centre for Nano Sciences and Molecular Medicine
  • Dr. Gopi Mohan, Bioinformatics Expert, Amrita Centre for Nano Sciences and Molecular Medicine

Session 5 Cancer Roadmap Round Table (5.30 pm to 7 pm) Entry Restricted to Invitees



  • Dr. Y.K. Gupta, President, AIIMS, Bhopal

Co- Chair:


  • Dr. P. Rammanohar, Research Director, Amrita School of Ayurveda
  • Dr. Narendra Bhatt, President IASTAM India

Oral Presentations Schedule

Hall 1 – Case Reports (Morning Session)

       Time Presentations
8.45-9hrs Key Note1  Dr Manasi Deshpande, Prof and HOD,Dravyaguna,Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurved, Pune
9-9.15hrs Key Note2  Dr Ramesh N V, Prof and HOD,Rasasastra ,Amrita School of Ayurveda, Kollam
9.15-9.23 hrs OP1(91) DrAswathyKrishnaS,DrVishnuMohan,DrAswiniBN,DrShivbalajiK Effectiveness ofJalaukavacarana and Brahma Rasayana inPromotion of Quality of Lifein Grade Three Buccal Carcinoma after Radiationand Chemo Therapy: ACase Study.
9.23-9.31 hrs   OP2(125) Dr. K V Pradeep and Dr.Indu V L An Open Clinical Trial to Evaluate The Combined Effert of Gokshuradya Ghritha with Silajathu on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
9.31-9.39 hrs OP3(82) Dr Aswin T Das, Dr JayakrishnanA, Dr Ashwini Bn and Dr SivabalajiK Ayurvedic intervention onGrade II buccal mucosal cancer –case report
9.39-9.48 hrs OP4(37) Anupama Jdileep, Jayakrishnan A, Ashwini B.N and Sivabalaji K Effect of Jalookavacharana in Gingivobuccal carcinoma- A case report
9.48-9.57 hrs OP5(88) Mira Krishnan.M, Sivabalaji K and Ashwini B.N Immunomodulatory Effect of Amalaki Rasayana and its Implication in Supraglottic Carcinoma : A Case Study
9.57-10.05 hrs OP6(50) Deepa J G, Anandaraman P V and Prathibha CK Udvartana as a palliative approach to post mastectomy lymphedema – A Case Report
10.05-10.13 hrs OP7(21)   Mohamad Saleem A study on the effectiveness of Nutrition and Ayurvedic dietics in the successful management of pancreatic cancer -A single case study
10.13-10.21 hrs OP8(112) Beena Md and Sudhakar Reddy Ayurveda management in enhancing the life expectancy of cancer patients’ w.s.r. to Rabdomyosarcoma – A Case Study
10.21-10.29 hrs OP9(20) Amit Awadhiya and Anup Thakar Effectiveness of Basti on adverse effects of chemotherapy in oesophageal cancer to improve Quality of life –A case study
10.29-10.38 hrs OP10(135) Vishnu Govind. M and K. V. Subhadra Antherjanam Long term clinical response of cervical carcinoma to Ayurvedic treatment – A Case Report
10.38-10.47 hrs OP11(38) Chippy Prince Raji, Anju Raj, HemavathiShivapura Krishnarajabhatt, AnjalyMuraleedharanand Parvathy Unnikrishnan Combined effect of stana lepa and internal medications in managing pain and lymphadenopathy in post Breast Cancer – A Case Study
10.47-10.55 hrs OP12(90) Dr. Amrutha S.Babu, Dr. Devipriya Soman, Dr. Mahesh .C. Kundagol and Dr.James Chacko An Ayurvedic help in Low grade Non Hodgkins Lymphoma- A Case report
10.55-11.03 hrs   OP13(1)) Dr.SundaraRaman, AshwiniB.N and K.SivaBalaji, A case report on Grade II Oligodendro glioma by Ayurvedic intervention
11.03-11.15hrs  Concluding remarks by Chair and Co chair

Hall 1 – Herbs and Formulations (Afternoon Session)

       Time Presentations
1.30-1.45hrs Key Note 7Dr. Anant Dharmadhikari, Former Directorof Ayurveda, Govt. of Maharashtra
1.45-2.00hrs Key Note 8Dr.Ananthram Sharma, Professor of Panchakarma, Amrita School of Ayurveda
2.00-2.08 hrs   OP40(124) Vahab R A, Delvin T Robin, Anusree Dileep, Preethi Mohan and Vandana Rani M A Review on herbal down regulation of NF KB Cells – A breakthrough in the management of tumorigenesis
2.08-2.16 hrs OP41(35) Kalaiselvi G G Diet – Nutrients and Kayakalpa Herbs for the Prevention of Cancer – Siddha perspectives
2.16-2.24 hrs OP42(43) Dr.Pratheep G, Dr.Elavarasan K,Pooja K and Gowshik M Anti – Cancer Drugs in Siddha Literatures – Literature Review
2.24-2.32 hrs OP43(152) Sushma N.S, Chinchu Bose and Rammanohar P Identification and estimation of Catechol SA-3C by HPLC in milk boiled with purified Semecarpus anacardium nuts
2.32-2.40 hrs OP44(14) Tushar Gupta, Veena Deo, Bharat Bhushan Shrikhande and Neha Dandewar Formulation Development and Optimization of 3 Myrobalans Mouthwash for its Cytotoxic Potential in Oral Carcinoma
2.40-2.48 hrs OP45(97) Dr.Lekshmi C.S, Dr.Vineeth P.K and Dr.Ramesh N V A conceptual analysis of the development of Bhasmas as engineered nano particles in Cancer Therapy
2.48-2.56 hrs OP46(133) Vijayalekshmi Ramalekshmi and Indulekha C V Potential Anti-Tumor Herbs from Horthus Malabaricus
2.56-3.04 hrs OP47(51) Dr.Devipriya S, Dr.Vineeth P.K and Dr.Arun Mohanan Yashtimadhu Ksheerapaka – A promising drug for radiation induced gastritis
3.04-3.12hrs OP48(145) Shruthi M H, Hariprasad V R,Ashok B K,Palaniyamma D, Raghavendra P R, Suryakanth D A,Rafiq M and Rangesh P Design and development of turmeric – Triphala (Oro -T), Oral Rinse for Chemo and Radiotherapy induced mucositis
3.12-3.20hrs OP49(98) Dr Rakhy Raj R and Dr Jayanti CK Anti – Cancer Activity of Amalaki fruit (Phyllanthus emblica) – A Brief review
3.20-3.28 hrs OP50(27) Sukruth G and Laxi Narayan Gupta A descriptive review on exploration of Cannabis in the management of Cancer
3.28-3.35hrs  Concluding remarks by Chair and Co chair

Hall 2 – Case Reports and Clinical studies(Morning Session)

       Time Presentations
8.45-9hrs Key Note 3Dr Rabinaryan Tripathy, Vice Principal andHOD, Shalyatantra, Amrita School of Ayurveda, Kollam
9-9.15hrs Key Note 4Dr. Vandana Kozarekar, Ayurveda Clinician,Mumbai
9.15-9.23 hrs   OP14(113) Anju Raj, Anilkumar Kala,DrAnjaly, Dr Hemavathi Krishnarajabhatt and Dr Parvathy An Ayurvedic management for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia-3 in HPV positive woman-a case study.
9.23-9.31 hrs OP15(144) Dr.Aswathy Y S, Dr.AnanthramSharma and Dr.Prathibha C K Improving the Quality of Life of Hepatocellular Carcinoma through Ayurveda: A Case report
9.31-9.39 hrs OP16(9) K Shanti Ayurvedic management of Oral lichen planus-A Case Study
9.39-9.48 hrs OP17(36) Anilkumar Kala, Prince Raji,Chippy, Dr Anjaly, Dr Parvathy  and  Dr Hemavathi. Krishnarajabhatt Holistic approach to manage depression and other associated symptoms induced by pan hysterectomy for granulose cell ovarian cancer – A Case Report
9.48-9.57 hrs OP18(13) Dr Vivek J Vivek and Dr Nisha Manikantan Evidence based cure for breast cancer through Ayurvedic line of treatment – A case study
9.57-10.05 hrs OP19(81) Dr Sreelekshmi V S, Dr Rabinarayan Tripathy, Dr Rajeshwari P N and Dr.Shaithya Raj Preventive Management of Barrett’s Esophagus – A Single Case Study
10.05-10.13 hrs OP20(3) Shailesh Deshpande Efficient Homoeopathic Care of Challenging Cases of Malignancy
10.13-10.21 hrs OP21(5) Jay Shah, Nilesh Shah and Arun Jadhav Effect of individualized homoeopathic treatment on quality of life of patients with gynecologic cancers
10.21-10.29 hrs OP22(70) Yogesh Bendale, Vineeta Bendale, Avinash Kadam, Vaishali Dharashive, Poonam Birari- Gawande and Anandrao Patil Clinical evidence- based study of administration of Rasayana therapy along with chemotherapeutic agents shows better anti-tumour activity without antagonizing the Anticancer properties of chemotherapy- Findings of an observational crosssectional study.
10.29-10.38 hrs OP23(2) Dr. Nilofar Shaikh, Prof. Dr. S.N. Gupta, Prof. Dr. Sandhya Patel and Prof. Dr. Jasmina Acharya Clinical trial on cervical cell dysplasia and its Ayurvedic Management- A promising measure to prevent cervical Cancer
10.38-10.47 hrs OP24(85) Dr Rajeshwari P N and Dr Sharath S G Emblica officinalis reduces the Serum C-Reactive Protein, IL-6 and TNF –Alpha levels in Endothelial dysfunction – A Pilot Clinical study
10.47-10.55 hrs OP25(157) ShyamasundaranK, Sushma NS, Prajeshnath EN, Exemplification of understanding the Dosha involvement in cases of Ca through an example of Ca Cervix
10.55-11.03 hrs OP26(41) Sankha Subhro Ghosh and Pratibha Kulkarni Free radical scavenging activity in prevention of Arbuda with reference to Cancer
11.03-11.15hrs  Concluding remarks by Chair and Co chair

Hall 2 –Herbs and Formulations (Afternoon Session)

       Time Presentations
1.30-1.45hrs Key Note 9Dr. Chandrakant Bhanushali, Founder,Ayurchem Products
1.45-2.00hrs Key Note 10 Dr. Delvin T Robin, Associate Professor, Svasthavritta, Amrita School of Ayurveda
2.00-2.08 hrs   OP51(23) Saumya Gulati and Namrata Joshi Applications of Tamra Bhasma for Anticancer Drug Delivery: A Review
2.08-2.16 hrs OP52(17) Manoj Gomkale, Veena Deo, Bharat Bhushan Shrikhande and Neha Dandewar Formulation and Development of herbal syrup for the management of Chemotherapy related side effects
2.16-2.24 hrs OP53(46) Prerok Regmi, Ravikrishna Aithal and Chaithra Hebbar Prospective of Vatsanabha (Aconitum ferox Wall. Ex. ser ) in Cancer treatment- a review study.
2.24-2.32 hrs OP54(42) Sunil Mandal, Sangamesh V. K. and Govinda Sharma K, Anti-Cancer Activity of Herbomineral Formulations-A Review
2.32-2.40 hrs OP55(96) Aruna Devi D P A review of the efficacy of Chyavanaprasha in oral premalignant cancer lesions
2.40-2.48 hrs OP56(48) Dr. Zeena S Pillai, Leema Mohanan, Gopika G. S. and Anandhu P. Dev Comparative studies of bioactivity of a few common medicinal plants
2.48-2.56 hrs OP57(141) Pasupathy Thavakeethan, Chandraprabhu Mohanan, Bharath Christian C.B.S and Manoharan A Role of Rasa Thailam in Putru Noi (malignancy) treatment
2.56-3.04 hrs OP58(40) Priya S R Nair and Pratibha Kulkarni Haridra – Golden Spice In The Management Of Cancer
3.04-3.12hrs OP59(121) Anishma A S, Dr Haritha Chandran, Dr Leena P Nair and Dr Haroon Irshad Systematic review of the role of Plumbagin in Cancer management
3.12-3.20hrs OP60(155) Dhanya S and Abhayakumar Misra Swarna bhasma (gold nano particles) as an alternative medicine in the treatment ofCancer
3.20-3.28 hrs OP61(143) Dr Jithu S, Dr Prathibha C K and Dr Anantharaman P V, Role of Ashwagandha in Cancer Management: A review
3.28-3.43hrs  Concluding remarks by Chair and Co chair

Hall 3 – Cancer Biology, Cancer Prevention and Psycho Oncology (Morning Session)

       Time Presentations
8.45-9hrs Key Note 5Dr. SD Kamath, Ayurvedic Physician, Mumbai
9-9.15hrs Key Note 6Dr. Subhadra, Professor and HOD, Shalakya tantra Amrita School ofAyurveda
9.15-9.23 hrs OP27(111) Poonam D Patil and Dr Anant Samant Compliment of dysbiosis and its relation to Ama in understanding Cancer and its prophylactic treatment.
9.23-9.31 hrs OP28(25) Ashwathykutty V Ayurvedic Perspective of Cancer – A narrative review
9.31-9.39 hrs OP29(55) Parvathy J, Haritha Chandran and Leena P Nair Consideration of Prakriti (Doshic Constitution) in Cancer
  9.39-9.48 hrs OP30(102) Sreelakshmi C N and Dr Jayanthi C K Review of the effect of Ayurvedic lifestyle in prevention of Cancer
9.48-9.57 hrs OP31(73) Amala Jyothi Behavioral Risks in Cancer: An Agada Perspective
9.57-10.05 hrs OP732(16) Vd. Bhagyashree Gangurde and Vd. Ramkrishna Nehare Conceptual study on today’s lifestyle and cancer risk: through an eye of Ayurveda
10.05-10.13 hrs OP33(28) Aishwarya Mohan Preventive Oncology in Ayurveda with Special Reference to Rasa Shastra – A Comprehensive Approach
10.13-10.21 hrs OP34(31) Dr Zankhana Buch Treating the aetio-pathophysiology of Endometrial Hyperplasia- Preventing the Risk of Progression to Carcinoma-the Ayurveda Perspective
10.21-10.29 hrs OP35(131) Dr Sreedhar Vasudevan, Chandrakumar G and Sreejith Satheesan Role of Ahara in Prevention of Arbuda with reference to N – Nitroso Compounds – A Review
10.29-10.38 hrs OP36(99) Sujithra RM, Vimala KS and Priya S A review of the role of stress in survival and treatment of Cancer
10.38-10.47 hrs OP37(74) Anagha P Exploring the new horizons of Satvavajaya in Cancer Care
10.47-10.55 hrs OP38(44) Vandana K Vasudevan,Parvathy Unnikrishnan,Anjaly Muraleedharan,Hemavathy Shivapura Krishnarajabhatt Integrative analysis of Samvruta Dhamani of Ayurveda with Gene expression profiling during breast carcinogenesis: A Meta analysis
10.55-11.03 hrs OP39(105) Swathy V, Vandana Rani M, Anusree Dileep and Delvin T Robin Role of Psychosomatic axis in the etio-pathogenesis of cancer and personalized Satvavajayachikitsa as a preventive model
11.03-11.15hrs  Concluding remarks by Chair and Co chair

Hall 3 – Cancer Surveys and Treatment Modalities(Afternoon Session)

       Time Presentations
1.30-1.45hrs Key Note 11Dr. Sathyanarayana, Professor, Pune College of Pharmacy
1.45-2.00hrs Key Note 12 Dr. James Chacko, Professor and HOD, Kayachikitsa, Amrita School of Ayurveda
2.00-2.08 hrs   OP62(76) Sajida I, Anusree Dileep and Delvin T Robin A study on the current status of cancer burden in Kulasekharapuram, Karunagappally
2.08-2.16 hrs OP63(158) Sarada Kolathu, Ram Manohar and Pavithran Keechilat Need for Prevalence studies on the use of Traditional medicine (AYUSH) by cancer patients in India
2.16-2.24 hrs OP64(33) Dr. Prajkta Kulkarni Critical review of Abhyanga to prevent breast cancer.
2.24-2.32 hrs OP65(24) Gowthami Chakkooth Role of Ayurvedic rasayanas in cancer management : A conceptual study
2.32-2.40 hrs OP66(156) Meera S Physical and psychological benefits of Pranayama in patients undergoing lung cancer treatment
2.40-2.48 hrs OP67(26) Shobha Katara, Avinash Baberwal and Neeraj Kumar Role of Classical Ayurvedic Formulations in Management of Cancer – A Review
2.48-2.56 hrs OP68(137) SukanyaVilayathPisharath ACompilationofReviewofAnticancerousdrugs
2.56-3.04 hrs OP69(154) Prajeesh Nath E N, Shyamasundran K and Sushma Ns Concept of Immunomodulators in Cancer Treatment: An Ayurveda Outlook
3.04-3.12hrs OP70(10) Dr. Ashitha Ali, Dr. Sivabalaji K and Dr. Ashwini B N Gandusa as a supportive care for radiotherapy and chemotherapy induced Xerostomia
3.12-3.20hrs OP71(15) Praveen Kumar K S and Anup Thakar Clinical insights for tackling Cancer in Ayurveda
3.20-3.28 hrs OP72(149) Dr. Keerthi Raj, Dr.Ananthraman Sharma and Dr. Prathibha C.K Clinical application of Sushruta’s maggot therapy in malignant fun gating wounds – A conceptual study.
3.28-3.43hrs  Concluding remarks by Chair and Co chair

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations (0930 hrs to 1100 hrs – 17 Feb 2019)
PP01 Cancer: An Update
Yashika Singh and DNS Gautam
PP02 Conceptual Foundation of Ayurveda in Understanding Carcinoma
Poonam Nepal, Shashirekha Hk and Shrinath M Vaidya
PP03 Arbuda: Ayurvedic Concept of Understanding Biology of Cancer
Dr. Surendra Chaudhary and Dr. Uma B. Gopal
PP04 Research Updates in the management of Cancer through Siddha – A Review
Akila B and Kavitha T
PP05 Clinical Insights for Understanding Cancer in Ayurveda
Sreelekshmi V S, Dr. Prashasth M J and Dr.Muralidhara Bhat
PP06 Analogical reasoning of Chemotherapy Induced Myeloid Suppression and its management through Ayurveda – A review
Dr.Nanma. S, Dr.Jyotish.S Jayandan, Dr.Devipriya Soman, Dr.Mahesh.C Kundagol and Dr.James Chacko
PP07 Cancer Etiopathogenesis in Ayurveda – A Conceptual Study
Sreelekshmi S, Vandna Rani M, Delvin T Robin and Anusree Dileep
PP08 A Conceptual Review on pathogenesis of Cancer in modern and Ayurvedic perspective
Lekshmy M L and Leena P Nair
PP09 Meta-analysis of cancer biology in Ayurveda- A conceptual study
Navyashree K L, Manjunatha Adiga and Priyanka B V.
PP10 Cancer and growth – a conceptual analysis in the light of Ayurveda
Devipriya Soman, Anandaraman P V and Pravith Natesan
PP11 Cancer cells, why don’t they die?
Chaithanya C and Chethan M
PP12 Role of Ageing in Cancer – A Conceptual Study
Preethimol T P, Delvin T Robin, Anusree Dileep and Vandana Rani M
PP13 Risk Assessment, Prevention and Early detection of Marjolin’s Ulcer by the application of Shatkriyakala
Dr Arya S Menon, Dr. Rabinarayan Tripathy, Dr. Rajeshwari Pn and Dr Shaitya Raj
PP14 Inflammatory Changes Leading to Cancer – Review
Dr.Sreejith Sj, Dr.Rajeshwari Pn and Dr.Rabinarayan Tripathy
PP15 Cosmetic toxicity- An Agada view
Dr.Sreelakshmi Aishaja, Dr.Amala Jyothi and Dr.Shrinidhi.R Ballal
PP16 Insights into Ayurvedic understanding of Cancer
Neha Sawant and Pradnya Swan
PP17 Role of Ayurveda in Psycho-Oncology – A Review
Sreelakshmi C A, Delvin T Robin and Vandana Rani M
PP18 Role of Satvavajaya Chikitsa in Cancer – An Overview
Dr.Chandni.C Pillai, Dr.James Chacko, Dr.Devipriya Soman and Dr.Mahesh.C Kundagol
PP19 An Outlook to Prostate Cancer and its Ayurvedic Approach
Ebin Tharayil Udayakumar
PP20 Cancer – Treatment Modalities in Ayurveda
Dr.Haritha Vijayan, Dr.Haritha Chandran and Dr. Leena P.Nair
PP21 A Review on Cancer management with treatment protocols of Ayurveda
Sumitra Devi and Anand K Chaudhary
PP22 Chemotherapy: An Ayurvedic Approach
K M S P Perera and Chaitra H Gururaj
PP23 Understanding Cancer with wisdom of Ayur-Science & strategies for management
Dr Umesh Mishra and Dr Sateesh Belemkar
PP24 Management Of Chemotherapy And Radiation Side Effects Through Agada And Rasayana Principles – A Review
Dr Radhika Panicker, Dr Arun Mohanan and Dr Abhaya Kumar Mishra
PP25 A review on role of Pranayama in breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy
Parvathy Raj, Delvin T Robin and Anusree Dileep
PP26 How can we implement an integrated approach to reduce the incidence rate of cancer? – A critical Review
Dr.Dhanya K.V. and Dr. Vasudevan Namboothiri
PP27 Role of Ayurveda in Integrated Cancer Therapy
Dr.Veena G.L, Dr.Sooraj S and Dr.Jayanthi C.K.
PP28 Role of Achara Rasayana in Cancer Prevention – A Conceptual Analysis
Dr.Swathy.S, Dr.Rajeshwari.P.N, Dr.Rabinarayan.Tripathy and Dr.Shaithya.Raj
PP29 Role of restorative Yoga in improving the quality of life of patients with Cancer – A conceptual study
Anjana Parvathy S, Delvin T Robin, Anusree Dileep, Namitha M A and Vandana Rani M.
PP30 Role of Yoga in Management of Insomnia among Cancer Patients
Swanletha P, Vandanarani M, Anusree Dileep and Delvin T Robin
PP31 Role of Agnihotra Homa in Cancer
Pavan Kumar U B, Susheel Shetty and Zenica D’Souza
PP32 Conceptual study on the preventive and supportive aspect of Rasayana in Cancer
Dr Lekshmi V R, Dr Haritha Chandran, Dr Ramadas P V and Dr Leena P Nair
PP33 Effectiveness of Ashwagandha Rasayanam and Yoga Therapy in Promotion of Quality of Life in Grade Three Breast Cancer after Radiation and Chemotherapy – A Case Report
Dhanya Krishnan, Ramdas Pv, Dr Haroon Irshad, Dr Haritha Chandran and Dr Leena P Nair
PP34 Natural liquid serving approach for cancer in hospital and post hospitalization recovery
Soniya Makwana
PP35 A Conceptual overview of Cancer Palliative Care in Ayurveda
Dr Atheena S, Dr Anjana A, Dr . Parvathy Unnikrishnan, Dr Anjaly Muraleedharan and Dr Hemavathi Sivapura Krishnarajabhatt
PP36 Adopting Upavasa in Cancer Management – A Conceptual View
Dr. Shilpa S, Dr. Ananthram Sharma and Dr. Prathibha C K.
PP37 A review on role of Rasayanas in combating radiation and chemotherapy induced blood disorders
Deepthi R, Delvin T Robin, Vandanarani M and Anusree Dileep
PP38 Ayurvedic perspective of managing oxidative stress in cancer
Manjula C M, Anjaly Muraleedharan, Parvathy Unnikrishnan and Hemavathi Sivapuram Krishnaraja Bhatt
PP39 Ayurvedic management for obesity linked cancers in young adults – A Review
Dr Neeraja M A, Dr James Chacko, Dr Devipriya Soman and Dr Mahesh C Kundagol
PP40 Prevention and management of hyperuricemia induced tumorigenesis and Tumour lysis syndrome with Rasayana drugs: An Ayurvedic Review
Dr. Aswathi Rajan V.K, Dr. Devipriya Soman, Dr. Mahesh C Kundagol and Dr.James Chacko
PP41 Ksheera Vasthi in alleviating abdominal discomfort in patients with refractory Cancer – Observations and Inferences
Dr Bindya M B, Dr Mahesh C Kundagol, Dr Devipriya Soman and Dr James Chacko
Poster Presentations (1330 hrs to 1500 hrs – 17 Feb 2019)
PP42 Role of Triphala in Prevention of Retinoblastoma: A Conceptual study
Dr Deepthi K Nair and Dr Ashwini B N
PP43 Prevention and treatment of cancer through Ayurveda
Anju P and Arya Prabhu
PP44 Role of Rasayana in Cancer Prevention – A Review
Akhila P and Resmi R
PP45 Role of Fasting in prevention of Cancer: A Conceptual Study
Haripriya S, Anusree Dileep, Delvin T Robin and Vandana Rani M
PP46 Insights on prevention of Cancer from Ayurveda – A Review
Dr.Nanditha Mavanchery, Dr. Vimala K S and Dr. Priya S
PP47 Preventive Strategy in Paurusha Granthi Arbuda – A Review
Geethu V S, Chandrakumar G and Sreejith Satheesan
PP48 Prevention of Hyperinsulinemia induced breast cancer by Triphala Rasayana – A Review
Dr.Malu.S Vimal, Dr.Mahesh.C Kundagol, Dr.Devipriya Soman and Dr.James Chacko
PP49 Therapeutic effects of anti-cancer drugs
S.Anantha Valli
PP50 Current trends and future challenges in cancer drug development
Vineet Sharma, Sumitra Devi and DNS Gautam
PP51 A Review on the efficacy of Arkeshwara Rasa – A Herbometallic Formulation in Pancreatic Cell Cancer
Dr.Reshmi S, Dr.Arun Mohanan and Dr.Abhayakumar Mishra.
PP52 Antitumorous activity of Roudra rasa in Oropharyngeal Carcinoma: A Comprehensive Review
Dr. Veena G, Dr. Arun Mohanan and Dr. Ramesh N.V.
PP53 Role of Ashwagandha in Cacner Management – A Review
Anu S, Dr.Arun Mohanan and Dr.Ramesh N.V.
PP54 Radiomodulatory and Immunomodulatory effects of Brahma Rasayana – A Scientific Review
Anuja A.R, Dr.Arun Mohanan and Dr.Ramesh N.V.
PP55 Combined effect of Kanchanaraguggulu and Shataputi Abhraka Bhasma as aupporting drug of choice in Cancer Management
Dr.Devisree Damodaran, Dr.Vineeth P.K and Dr.Ramesh N.V.
PP56 Review on effect of Triphala in Preventive and Treatment aspect of Cancer
Dr.Sreelakshmi S, Dr.Arun Mohanan and Dr.Abhaya Kumar Mishra.
PP57 Brief Review on the Anticancerous effect of Arogyavardhini Vati by its free radical scavenging activity
Amrutha S Babu, Vineeth Pk and Arun Mohanan
PP58 Role Of Bhallathaka ,Chitraka And Tuvaraka Rasayana In The Management Of Cancer – A Review
Dr Jyothi K, Dr Vineeth P K and Dr Ramesh N V.
PP59 A Concurrent Supportive Pain Management With Ponkaradi Gutika In Cancer
Dr Anjana Haridas, Dr Vineeth P.K. and Dr Arun Mohanan
PP60 Role of Guduchi Satva in Cancer – A Review
Dr Sangeetha Nandakumar N.K, Dr Vineeth P.K and Dr Ramesh N.V.
PP61 Role Of Chandraprabha Vati In Management Of Cancer- A Review
Dr. Sreeja Raj, Dr. Vineeth P.K and Dr. Ramesh N.V.
PP62 Nishakathakadi Kashayam For Pancreatic Cancer – A Review
Dr Vaishali Nair, Dr Nisha G, Dr Arun Mohanan and Dr Abhaya Kumar Mishra
PP63 Effect of Indukantam Kashayam in Cancer
Jwala Jayaram, Rajeshwari P.N, Rabinarayan Tripathy and Shaithya Raj
PP64 Concept of a mouth wash in the supportive management of Oral Cancer
Dr.Remya Rajan, Dr.Vineeth P.K and Dr.Abhaya Kumar Mishra
PP65 Apoptotic Activity of Phyllanthus niruri in Cancer: A Scientific Review
Dr. Aansu Susan Varghese, Dr. Arun Mohanan and Dr. Abhayakumar Mishra
PP66 An Evidence Based Systematic Review on Role of Aloe vera (Linn.) Burm in Human Breast Cancer
Dr Akhilraj A R, Dr Priyalatha B and Dr Vimala K S
PP67 Anti Cancerous effect of Curcuma longa (Linn) – A Review
Chithra S, Dr Priya S and Dr Raiby P Paul
PP68 Role of honey and Ghritam in Oral Mucositis – A Review
Saranya V Nair, Dr.Shaithya Raj, Dr.Rajeshwari Pn and Dr.Rabinarayan Tripathy
PP69 Role of Amalaki and its formualtions in Cancer – A Review
Athira P, Dr Leena P Nair and Dr Haroon Irshad
PP70 Anticancerous property of Triphala – A Review
Athira Krishnan, Dr.Rabinarayan Tripathy, Dr.Rajeshwari P.N and Shaithya Raj.
PP71 Chebulic, Gallic, Ellagic Acids – The potent molecular rivals in Triphala for the prevention of Cancer – A Review
Dr.Shalu Sam, Dr.Raiby P Paul and Dr.Priya S.
PP72 Review on Withaferin and Withanolide D in management of Cancer: A Review
Dr. Aswathi K, Dr. Haroon Irshad and Dr.Leena P Nair
PP73 A Conceptual Review on Anti-Cancer effect of Curcumin in Breast Cancer
Dr. Sukanya.V.S V . S, Dr. Haroon Irshad Irshad and Dr.Leena P Nair
PP74 Cancer Chemoprevention through Lashuna
Manju Parvathy S, Anjali Muraleedharan, Parvathy Unnikrishnan and Hemavathi Shivapura Krishnarajabhatt
PP75 A Clinical study to Evaluate the Effect of Brahma Rasayana for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
Dr. Indu V L and Dr. K V Pradeep
PP76 Kshara in liver cancer with reference to Bhunimbadi Kshara- A Review
Dr.Nisha G, Dr.Vaishali V.Nair, Dr.Abhayakumar Mishra and Dr.Ramesh N.V.
PP77 A Compilation of review of Anti cancerous herbs
Sukanya Vilayath Pisharath
PP78 Effect of Ashwagandha Rasayanam in the Management of Breast cancer : A Conceptual Study
Dr.Gayathri Ashok, Dr.Mahesh.C Kundagol, Dr.Devipriya Soman and Dr.James Chacko
PP79 Post Chemo and Radiation Therapy After Effect management with Shilajathu Rasayana
Dr.Aparna Mohan, Dr.Mahesh C. Kundagol, Dr.Devipriya Soman and Dr. James Chacko
PP80 Clinical Application of Pippali Rasayana in Lynch Syndrome
Dr.Arathy Menon, Dr.Mahesh C Kundagol, Dr.Devipriya Soman and Dr.James Chacko.
PP81 A conceptual review on the effect of tila (sesamum Indicum) rasayana in post chemotherapy and radotherapy oral ailments.
Dr.Anju, S.Anand, Dr.Mahesh.C Kundagol, Dr.Devipriya Soman and Dr.James Chacko
PP82 Efficacy of Brahma Rasayana in Cancer Cachexia
Anjana S, Devipriya Soman, Mahesh .C Kundagol, James Chacko and Shaithya Raj

Concluding Session

11.25 AM Invocation
11.30 AM Welcome Address by Dr. Rabinarayan Tripathy, Vice Principal, Amrita School of Ayurveda
11.35 AM Benedictory Address by Chief Guest Swami Poornamritananda Puri, General Secretary, Mata Amritanandamayi Math
12.00 Noon Presidential Address by Br. Sankara Chaitanya, Medical Director, Amrita School of Ayurveda
12.10 PM Address by Dr. M.R. Vasudevan Nampoothiri, Principal, Amrita School of Ayurveda
12.20 PM Address by Guest of Honour – Dr. Y. K. Gupta, President, AIIMS, Bhopal
12.30 PM Reflections on the Conclave – Dr. Narendra Bhatt, National Professor and Visiting Scientist, Haffkine Institute, Mumbai
12.40 PM Report and Outcomes of the Conclave – Dr. P. Rammanohar, Research Director, Amrita School of Ayurveda
12.50 PM Concluding Remarks by Dr. Shanti Nair, Dean of Research, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
01.00 PM Vote of Thanks by Dr. Ananthram Sharma, Professor, Amrita School of Ayurveda

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Call for Abstract

All Abstracts Selected for Oral and Poster presentations at the conclave on Cancer Care and Research in Ayush being held at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala on 15, 16 & 17 of February 2019 will be Published as a supplement in the Pubmed Indexed Ayu Research Journal from IPGTRA, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, Full Papers of the best Abstracts will be published in a Special Issue on Cancer in Ayu Journal.

Abstracts are invited for submission related to the below Focus areas

  • Selected abstract will be published in PubMed indexed journal AYU
  • Developing Drugs and Products for Cancer Management
  • Clinical Insights for Understanding Cancer in AYUSH
  • Cancer Biology an AYUSH Principles, Evolving Integrative Approaches
  • Treatment Modalities for AYUSH in Cancer
  • Prevention of Cancer, AYUSH Perspectives
  • Clinical Case reports in cancer management

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