MPhil, MSc, B.Ed.

Supriya Rajendran currently serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, School of Arts & Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi.

Qualification: M. Sc.(Mathematics), M. Phil., B. Ed.


Publication Type: Journal Article

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Veena Vincent and Supriya Rajendran, “Certain Product Set Labeling Of Graphs And Their Cardinality”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering , vol. 8, no. 1, 2019.[Abstract]

A product set-labeling of a graph G is an injective function f : V (G) →P(N) such that the induced edge function f : E(G) →P(N)defined by f*(uv) = f(u)*f(v) is injective . A product set labeling of a graph G is a geometric product set labeling if the set labels of all its elements , that is vertices and edges with respect to the function f are geometric progressions .The number of elements in the set label of a vertex or edge of a graph G is called its cardinality .In this paper , we have found a labeling in which all the edges of a graph G are in geometric progressions even though the set labels of one of its vertex is not a geometric progression. Also the edge cardinalty of such graphs are found.

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Nikitha Prakash and Supriya Rajendran, “Neighbourhood Prime Labelling on Some Path Related Graphs”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 118, pp. 1893-1901, 2018.[Abstract]

The neighbourhood prime labelling of a graph G is defined as a function f : V (G) −→ {1, 2, 3, ..., n} which is bijective and if for every vertex of G with degree greater than 1, gcd {f(u) : u ∈ N(v)} = 1. A graph is called neighbourhood prime if it admits neighbourhood prime labelling. In this paper we introduce m-corona and prove that the corona products Pn ◦ Pn , the shadow graph of paths Pn , m-corona of paths Pn are all neighbourhood prime graphs.

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