The Amrita Center for International Programs (ACIP) is the central point for international academic relations at Amrita University. It is responsible for the coordination and administration of international educational and research activities and initiatives for the University. The Center focuses on enhancing education and research by bringing together students, teachers, and academicians from around the world to create an opportunity for the rich and diverse exchange of knowledge and ideas.

ACIP has established and continues to establish strong collaborative initiatives with many institutions around the globe and facilitates extensive faculty and student exchanges as well as cross-continental research projects. Furthermore, the Center frequently engages international experts from these institutions via online lectures and short courses. So far, Amrita has welcomed over 500 international distinguished guest lecturers and adjunct faculty, including Nobel Laureates Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Dr. Martin Chalfie, and Dr. Leland Hartwell.

Amrita has joint research projects, collaborative programs, and various academic tie-ups with over 80 institutions around the world via the Center for International Programs and offers several exchange programs, semester study abroad opportunities, and dual degree programs for students with excellent academic credentials. ACIP is a liaison to both Amrita students seeking admission into international institutions and foreign students seeking to come to Amrita. The Center assists students in acquiring information about various academic course offerings, fees and tuition structures, eligibility, scholarships, and accommodation. The Center also facilitates the admissions process, provides a friendly and supportive environment, and arranges the overall welfare of prospective students.

Aside from coordinating student programs, ACIP strongly supports joint co-guiding of PhD candidates and joint research projects with universities around the world. Currently, Amrita is collaborating with many premiere private institutions, renowned professors, and government agencies on more than 75 research projects.

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