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ACM-ICPC Online Contest Conducted

October 17, 2010 - 8:49
ACM-ICPC Online Contest Conducted

October 21, 2010
School of Engineering, Amritapuri

The online round of the 2010 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest for the Asia-Amritapuri site was conducted on October 17, 2010.

Undergraduate and graduate students from over 100 colleges participated. One hundred and sixty teams out of nearly four hundred and fifty that competed, were shortlisted to participate in the on-site contest in December.

Given below is a brief report by the Contest Director, Dr. Vallath Nandakumar.



ACM-ICPCThe contest went very well. It was the largest contest we have conducted so far, and perhaps one of the largest ICPC online rounds. It doubled in size from last year.

Contest Duration: 4 hours.

Number of Problems to be Solved: 5
Participant teams submitted their code as solutions to the problems; these were judged for correctness by our automatic judge, Mooshak. These judgments were, when required, examined by a human judge panel, which was also available to answer questions submitted online.

No. of Submissions Handled by Mooshak in 4 Hours: 4000 (9 per team, on average)

Computer System: Five interconnected IBM blade servers were used to handle the load. Amritapuri campus ICTS and other staff and students, and experts from Aricent and HCL configured, maintained and ran the contest computers. Contestants used their own computers located all over India to participate through a web-based interface.

Recent Related Events Organized
a. Amrita-Infosys Programming Contest Training Camp for advanced students at Infosys Bangalore Design Center, Jul. 24-28 2010
b. Amrita-Directi Warm-up Programming Contest, Aug. 24th, 2010

I would like to personally thank the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham ICTS and other staff and volunteering students for their long hours and dedication in the areas of registration, computers and customer support.

ACM-ICPCOur sponsors IBM, Infosys and Directi served as more than mere cash-givers by conducting joint events and publicizing the contest, and by providing the powerful blade servers. Infosys and Directi are experienced in conducting large programming contests.

The University Porto, Portugal has been supporting us with Mooshak for years now.

Our problem-setting and judging panel consisting of world-class programming experts spread across India, North America, and Europe came through again for us, as did our non-Amrita computer support staff.

ICPC Worldwide management provided regular support, and we are proud to be a part of the family. This event was a partnership among all of us.

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