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ASAS Kochi Conducts R4 Respect CSR Campaign

September 29, 2017 - 12:13
ASAS Kochi Conducts R4 Respect CSR Campaign

The final year Visual Media students of School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi campus, organized an event named ‘R 4 Respect’ on September 28, 2017. It is a CSR initiative to help improve the conditions of elder citizens who are being thrown out of their own families and have taken refuge in old age homes or on the streets and left unmanned. They re-launched, the event by bringing in the inmates of Shree Purnathrayeesha Ashram, Thripunithura. They were honoured by Prof. C.S. Jayaraman and were engaged in various entertainment activities including solo music performance and group dance by students. Then they shared their experiences, about their family, home, which they once had. The students spent quality time with them in the morning and had lunch with them in the afternoon.The program was inaugurated by Dr. U. Krishnakumar, Director. Sri. D. Harikrishnan, HOD, Dr. C.S. Jayaraman, Dr. Sony Vijayan and Dr. Sreenath Muraleedharan offered felicitations. The event ended with the vote of thanks by Smt. Rashmi J. Menon.

The Department went on-track with the CSR campaign, R4 Respect, on November 3, 2017 with the residents of “Ammaveedu”, an old age home at Kangarappady, Kochi. The R4 Respect team reached “Ammaveedu” with the sole intention of spending a day with the members who have the wisdom of age and experience. The R4R team was warmly welcomed by the inmates of ‘Ammaveedu’, reminding them of good old days, a colourful childhood and memories of friends and family. The present residents of ‘Ammaveedu’ are 15 grandmothers and three caretakers.

The campaign put forth the idea of celebrating old age, entertaining them, moreover, spending time with them, loving and caring. The R4R team initially entered into a chat with the grandmothers, stepping into the shoes of a caretaker and grandchildren as well. There were inmates of different age groups, who were young at heart.

The grandmothers introduced themselves to the team with deep joy and a sense of well-being. Among them was Ganabhooshan Rukmini Devi, an inmate of ‘Ammaveedu’, who entertained all present there with her wonderful songs. A game session followed the songs, awakening the child in them. They were rewarded with chocolates wholeheartedly for taking up the tasks.

The campaign awoke the singers and dancers within the R4R team, who entertained the grandmothers with their talent along with snacks which was sponsored by Best Bakers, Edappally. Karthiayani Amma, the most energetic among the inmates, stole the program with an appreciable performance. Karthiayani Amma sang and danced with the R4R team and it was a surprising treat for the team members. Their faces then read of childhood and happiness, which exactly was what the campaign craved for. They were served the lunch sponsored by different hotels such as Aaryas, Saravanabhava. A group photo to cherish the memory was saved in each one’s heart core forever.

On November 15, 2017 the R 4 Respect team visited the isolation ward of Government hospital, Ernakulam. There were 30 patients in the ward both men and women. Most of them had severe health conditions and were rejected by their relatives. Students gave them bed sheets and also donated some amount to pay their medical bills which was contributed by the students,faculty and sponsorship. Students spend more than two hours with the patients, talking and also serving lunch to them which is provided by the hospital. The hospital visit gave them a lot more idea of the importance of taking campaign to the public. The initiative was well supported by different media such as Indian express, Deccan chronicle, Mathrubhoomi TV, etc.

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