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Dr. Sony Vijayan currently serves as Assistant Professor (SG) & H.O.D. in the Department of Commerce and Management, School of Arts & Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi. She has 16 years of teaching experience and practice as a Lawyer and has presented papers in international conferences.


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Ann Mary Jones and Sony Vijayan, “Restructuring of supply chain of medicinal plants and its traceability through contract farming”, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, vol. 6, no. 5, 2019.[Abstract]

This conceptual paper brings forth the analysis of supply chain in medicinal plant sector, taking Kerala as a case. Rising demand for Ayurveda has paved the way for numerous manufacturing units in Kerala, and medicinal plants form the significant raw material used in these ayurvedic industries. The medicinal plants are mostly cultivated by rural farmers, and it is a vital source of livelihood for many farmers in Kerala. The supply chain of medicinal plants often consists of multiple levels with many players including primary collectors, private traders, agents, wholesalers and final consumers. The collectors (rural farmers) in the medicinal plant supply chain are in a vulnerable position. As it is difficult for collectors to sell the plants directly to the ayurvedic industries, they usually depend upon other players in the supply chain, and this puts collectors in a weak bargaining position. It finally results in collectors receiving prices lower than those prevailing in the wholesale market. The illegality and exploitation of collectors in medicinal plant sectors can be minimised through the restructuring of the supply chain by contract farming agreement. Contractual agreement helps in traceability of medicinal plants within the supply chain which is an important criterion to ensure its quality in exports. However, despite the importance and size of supply chain in medicinal plant trade, very few studies have been conducted in this area. The objective of this paper is to analyze the concepts of supply chain management and traceability of medicinal plants through contract farming agreement.

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K. S. Rakhy and Sony Vijayan, “Digitalisation in Human Resource Management Process, the Opportunity for the Competence Management in Retail Sector”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 119, no. 12, pp. 2569-2581, 2018.[Abstract]

The Indian retail sector has now realised that their competency, to a great extent, is dependent upon the performance of their Human resource department. Technology has changed the business world fast and dynamic. Digitalisation provide Human resource department with the exceptional opportunity to strategically reshape and reinforce their roles within their organisations.This study is set out to examine at what extent digitalization is using in retail sector especially inhuman resource management process and also examine how digitalisation improved accuracy, time management and promptness in e- recruitment, e- communication and e- performance appraisal. In this study the researcher uses primary and secondary data, primary data has been collected through structured questionnaire and Secondary data was collected from business magazines, books, e- journals, newspapers. The collected data was analysed with statistical tools like percentage analysis and paired sample t- test. It had been found that most of the retail sectors had technologies enabled Human Resource Management practices and digitalised human resource activities can maintain more accuracy, time management and promptness in their Human resource practices especially in the area of recruitment, communication and performance appraisal

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Rakhy K. S. and Sony Vijayan, “"Miles to Go" - How Far the Provisions in Shops and Commercial Establishment Act Prevailed In Organised Retail Textiles Shops in Kerala”, Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, no. 4, pp. 1795-1800, 2018.[Abstract]

Retail sector boom in India created vast job opportunities in this sector especially for women and they are quite expectedly becoming the choice in most front-end profiles, which require constant interaction with customers. Kerala is one of the major consumer state in India. In Kerala, there has been an explosion in retailing in the last few years. Status of the women workers in the textile sales sector is very underprivileged in Kerala. Even existing laws are being always violated. This study is set out to examine the extent of implementation of labour laws which is comes under shops and commercial establishment acts researcher also examine the influencing factors of this extent of implementations like locations of the shops, location of shops and management style. In this study the researcher uses primary and secondary data, primary data has been collected through structured questionnaire from Ernakulam and Alappuzha districts in Kerala. The collected data was analysed with independent sample t-test. It had been found that violations are prevailed in both urban and rural area, and researcher also found that both legal and human rights violations are existing in this sector. More »»


Alnishal P. N. and Sony Vijayan, “Improving Stress Management and Spiritual Intelligence of Academia by Digital Resources”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 119, no. 12, pp. 2687-2698, 2018.[Abstract]

Online stores are growing faster with advancement in technology. Digitalization of techniques in Human Resources have ensured efficiency and accountability at the workspace. But then it has also increased the stress level of employees in terms of meeting these requirements. People are striving to establish work-life balance. It is in this scenario that the role of online resources to improve the spiritual intelligence of employees towards effective stress management becomes significant. Digital stores are providing a wide range of products for this purpose. It includes music, training programs, motivational videos etc. This study focuses on how people are using these techniques to improve their work life and thereby enhance spiritual intelligence and manages their stress level. The study is set out to examine the attitude of academia towards using digital resources as a mode to improve their spiritual intelligence and stress management. Key Words: spiritual intelligence, stress management, digital stores.

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