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ASB, Coimbatore Organizes a Session on Capital Market & Mutual Funds for MBA Students

October 22, 2016 - 11:49
ASB, Coimbatore Organizes a Session on Capital Market & Mutual Funds for MBA Students

Capital Market is one of the significant aspects of every financial market. Laying the foundation of Capital Market to students, Mr. N. Mahesh Kumar, a veteran with decades of work experience across leading financial services companies, conducted a half-day session at ECR Hall in Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore.

Mr. Kumar began the session by citing the importance of shares and the need for issuing them. He emphasized that creating wealth within a short span of time can be made easy using investments in shares. His session further provided a brief description about BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and an overview of the Securities Market by mentioning its purposes, components, and regulations.

Mr. Kumar introduced the term ‘Trade Guarantee Fund’ to the students and explained IPF (Investor Protection Fund) as a sponsored initiative to address the needs of its listed companies and their investors. The speaker concluded by stating the key rights for every investor and emphasized the do’s and don’ts in investing. According to Mr. Kumar, investing is one way to avoid inflation.

Mr. Kumar also conducted a session on “Mutual Fund and Planning”. He described the characteristics of mutual funds and explained various types of funds. The session ended with Mr. Kumar encouraging the students to learn more about capital investments and to start investing in shares by understanding the concepts and rules of investing. He also made a note to all those present about the three pillars of investing: Consistency, Liquidity, and Returns.

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