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Biostatistics Workshop Held at School of Dentistry

January 30, 2016 - 8:39
Biostatistics Workshop Held at School of Dentistry

A biostatistics workshop was conducted from January 27-28, 2016, by the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Amrita School of Dentistry, for the postgraduate trainees of the department. It was a two-day workshop where the topics to be covered in the workshop were pre-planned and tailor made befitting the postgraduate curriculum of the specialty of Public Health Dentistry. The workshop was initiated and coordinated by Dr. Joe Joseph (Professor and Head, Department of Public Health Dentistry) and the postgraduate-in-charge to aid the coordinator was Dr. Farheen Taha (final year postgraduate student). The resource person for the workshop was Dr. Binu V. S., Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Manipal University.

It was a well-organized and highly interactive workshop. Both the days, the sessions would start around 9:00 am and conclude at 5:30 pm. The postgraduate trainees had the opportunity to clear doubts and understand many difficult concepts in biostatistics. Apart from the postgraduates, the faculty members in the department also participated in the workshop.

The various topics covered in the workshop were:

  • An introduction to basic statistics
  • Normal distribution
  • Sampling distribution, standard error and confidence intervals
  • Tests of significance
  • Tests for normality, Independent t test, paired t test & one way ANOVA
  • Chi square test, Mc Nemar’s test, Mann Whitney test, Wilcoxon signed ranked test & Krushkal Wallis test
  • Regression
  • Sample size determination
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