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Dhwani 2018 – Pharma Arts Fest

December 22, 2018 - 10:33
Dhwani 2018 – Pharma Arts Fest

The annual arts festival of the Amrita School of Pharmacy, Dhwani 2018, was officially inaugurated by  Principal Dr. Sabitha M. on 13th October 2018, and within ten days, 13 offstage events were conducted. On 25th October, the university art festival ‘Amrita Kalotsav’18’ was inaugurated by actor Unni Mukundan. 

Every college under Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham had sent their representatives to Amrita Kalotsav and the big event kicked off with a spectacular video presentation. Three teams from Amrita School of Pharmacy had participated in the girls’ fusion dance competition and our teams Rudra and Anthareeksha had secured the second and third places respectively. 

On next day, 26th October, classical dance and folk dance competitions were held and Arathi Venugopal of team Rudra won three First prizes and one Second prize, followed by Haritha Rajakrishnan of team Rudra who won the Third prize. In the following days, stage performances were held and the final day of arts was conducted in the annex B block auditorium on 30th October. 

On the final day, two special performances were performed by the outgoing batches of Pharm. D., M. Pharm. and B. Pharm. A total of 18 onstage events were conducted featuring the dancers, musicians, and the actors in the college and the performances left both the viewers and the judges spellbound. 

After days of hard work, excitement and emotional drama, the festival came to a final showdown. Anand Chandran of team Aagneya became the Kalaprathibha of Dhwani 2018 while Aditya J Kamath of team Anthareeksha became the Kalathilakam. The much-coveted ever rolling trophy of Dhwani 2018 was lifted by team Rudra with a total point of 496. Teams Anthareeksha, Prithvi, Aagneya and Samudra came in the next positions based on their points. The eventful day came to an end with the winners basking in glory and all others waiting for Dhwani 2019 with more determination. 

Apart from Dhwani, Amrita School of Pharmacy had also put up a stellar show at Amrita Kalotsav’ 2018 and Arathi Venugopal of team Rudra became ‘Kalathilakam’ of the festival.

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