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Embellished with lights and vibrant colors: Navaratri Celebrations at Amritapuri Campus

October 8, 2022 - 11:58
Embellished with lights and vibrant colors: Navaratri Celebrations at Amritapuri Campus

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amritapuri campus celebrated the auspicious Navaratri days from September 26th – October 1st, 2022. After a gap of three long years, Nava Sandhya’ 22 was six days long celebration with active participation from faculties and students. The celebration had Navaratri Satsang followed by cultural events bhajans and prasad distribution every day. The Campus was decorated for the Navaratri celebrations and an attractive “Bommakolu” was set up in the front lobby.

On September 26th Monday, Satsang was held by Smt. Amritha J. (Faculty Associate, Amrita School of Spiritual and Cultural Studies) on the topic: Veera Mayi and Kum. Ganga Ganesan (S5, B.Com) on the topic: Navarathriyum Deshadevathayum followed by Dance performance by Kum. Bhagya M. S. (S5 Int. MA English) on The Grace & Beauty of Devi.

On September 27th Tuesday, Satsang was held by Keerthi K. S. (Ph.D. scholar, Dept. Electrical and Electronics Engineering) on the topic: Relevance of Ritualistic Tradition and Shri. Darsak M. Nambiar (S5, Int. MDS) on the topic: Bhramaricharitham followed by dance Performance by Kum.Gowri Anil Kumar (S3, Int. MSW) on Saraswati Sthuthi, Kum. Saranya Rajagopal (S5, Int. Phy) on Tribute to Adi Parashakthi and Music performance by Ashish J on Classical Strings. On September 28th Wednesday, Satsang was held by Smt. Chinmayi R (Assistant professor, Department of ECE, ASE) on the topic: Goddess of Compassion- Karunya Devatha and Kum. Amrita Varshini E. R (S7, AIE B.Tech ) on the topic: Maa Chandraghantaand Dance Performance by Kum. Sneha P and Kum. Manya Mohan (S5, BCA Data science) on Discovering the Grace of Devi, and Music performance by Kum.Sreethalekshmi (S3 EEE) on Sthuthi Geetham.

Satsang was held on September 29th, Thursday, by Smt. Aishwarya S (Program Coordinator, Amrita Leap Programs) on the topic: “Selfless Love.” Kum. Kinger Neha (S5 Bcom) on the topic: Kanaka Durga—The Golden Devi; and Dance Performance by Kum. Karthika Suresh and Kum. Harsha Harikumar (S7, Integrated MA English) on Devi Sthuthi; Music Performance by Smt.Roshini Venkiteswaran on Saraswathi Stuthi-Jaya Jagatheeshwari and Renuka B Nair (S5 BCA Data Science) on Keerthanam – Mahaganapathim.

On Friday, September 30th the campus celebrated Garba Night at Central Lawn with more than 2000+ students and faculty. The event began with the lighting of the lamp, Dr. Balakrishna Shankar, Dr. S.N Jyothi, and Br. Achyuthamrita Chaitanya, A. R. G. Menon and Sreekala Menon lit the lamp. Soon after the formal inauguration, the cultural events began to lift the spirits of the nine nights, with the students showcasing some of their amazing talents.

Kum. Parvathy from S5 Bcom performed a classical dance with majestic moves as a sthuthi to Devi to remove all evils and welcome the divine grace. “The Divine Band,” led by Ashish J (S7 ME) and Harishankar (S7 EEE), presented an instrumental “Tribute to goddess Lekshmi Devi’. Hardik Kumar Singh (S5 CSE) and Irhaam Zuhayr (S5 ELC) performed a dance. After cultural events, the Garba began by student coordinators with full enthusiasm; later, the audience also participated in the dance.

On October 1st, as part of Navaratri celebrations, Satsang was held by Smt. Deepa H (Faculty, Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham) )on the topic: Mahāṣaṣṭhī: Maa Durga Arrives Home and Kum. Bhavani Sree (S3 Int Maths) on the topic: Sharadambal Sthalapuranam followed by dance performances by Kum. K. Malavika (S7 Int MSC Maths) and Kum. Anjaly B Krishna (S9 Int MSc Physics) on Devi Sthuthi.

Since ancient times, Navaratri has been observed in India as a particular nine-night, ten-day ritual. It is seen as a cultural representation of motherhood, the empowerment of women, and ideals like respect and omnipotence. The Garba dance is performed in a circle to represent time and life during these festive days. The celebrations were together celebrated by students, faculty members, and staff with dances, cultural performances, music, and bhajans.

Like this each day on Nava Sandhya ’22 was remarkable and different. Each and every student enthusiastically did the Seva and so did the faculty members. Like this, the beautiful Navaratri celebrations came to an end.

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