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Expressing the Heart and Soul of Amrita Students

November 16, 2010 - 4:36
Expressing the Heart and Soul of Amrita Students

November 16, 2010
Coimbatore Campus

AmritadhwaniThis year, Amritadhwani, the annual college magazine and yearbook of the Amrita School of Engineering in Coimbatore, took a creative step as it highlighted hidden talents of engineering students. Its efforts paid off; the magazine secured third place in Divyodaya’s Contest of Best College Magazines in Tamil Nadu.

Amritadhwani 2010 marked the 13th edition of the literary magazine, making it the longest running magazine in all of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s schools and campuses. The vibrancy and enthusiasm of the students is palpable upon opening the covers. An impressive collection of poetry, prose and visual art expresses the heart and soul of the students. A chronicle of the year’s academic events is included.

A multilingual magazine, Amritadhwani, featured not only photographs, paintings, and drawings by students, but also poems and stories in several Indian languages. Dr. Harini Jayaraman, Head of the Department of English, and Chief Editor of the magazine commented, “For the past three years, we have included articles in Malayalam, English Tamil and Hindi. Next year, we plan to include student write-ups in Kannada also.”

A message from Chancellor Amma greets readers at the very beginning. It reminds one of the need to practice the art of relaxation in study, and stresses that without it, one would be unable to digest and apply the knowledge one has gained. Relaxation, Amma says, is the key to unlocking the infinite capacities of the mind, which can accommodate the entire universe and all the knowledge in it.

Amritadhwani AwardIn her message, Chancellor Amma also encouraged teachers and students to develop loving bonds so that true sharing and understanding could take place. This theme of inspiration and understanding in education was evident in much of the magazine’s creative work. Several pieces were dedicated to the beauty, inspiration and great responsibility of teachers; these stories shared space with articles that highlighted active ways to protect nature and the environment. The need for students to preserve India’s cultural values while striving towards professional success was highlighted as well.

The campus’ Annual Report showcased an impressive number of additions and developments to campus resources, including expansion of the library’s digital resources, on-line databases, and an addition of 3000 new book titles. The eco-friendly campus, which practices water recycling, provides solar heating systems in its quarters and hostels, commissioned a new recycling plant with an increased capacity. The Report also included a list of the year’s numerous student and faculty awards, publications and academic honors.

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