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Inter-Campus Tournaments at Amrita University

January 24, 2009 - 2:24
Inter-Campus Tournaments at Amrita University

Girls and boys teams from all 5 campuses of Amrita University will travel to Coimbatore Campus later this month to participate in the ball badminton inter-campus tournament. In February, Amritapuri Campus will host inter-campus football matches as well as a shuttle badminton tournament. Finally, in March, inter-campus cricket and basketball matches will be played at the Bangalore Campus.

inter campus tournament “With 13000 students at our five campuses, inter-campus sports events provide a great means of inter-campus interaction,” stated the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Venkat Rangan. “We are building world-class facilities for sports at all our campuses. For instance, at Coimbatore now we have an Olympic-size swimming pool that has also been graced by our Chancellor’s visit two times.”

An inter-campus volleyball tournament was recently played at the Amritapuri Campus. (see photogallery) The team from Coimbatore won the boys championship and that from Bangalore won the girls. The matches were played under floodlights after the sun had gone down from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm every day and saw tremendous audience turn-out. Teams from Kochi and Mysore did not participate, however they will be represented at the forthcoming inter-campus tournaments and matches.

Jan 24-25, 09 at Coimbatore- Ball Badminton

Feb 26-28, 09 at Amritapuri- Football & Shuttle Badminton

March 6-8, 09 at Bangalore- Cricket and Basketball

January 21, 2009
University HQ, Coimbatore

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