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Invited Talk on ‘The Philosophy of Indian Art’

February 11, 2019 - 10:43
Invited Talk on ‘The Philosophy of Indian Art’

Amrita Darshanam, International Center for Spiritual Studies, organised an invited talk on ‘The Philosophy of Indian Art’ on January 29, 2019. The session was handled by Dr. Satavadhani R. Ganesh, a renowned Sanskrit poet and a master of Avadhāna – an ancient art form of literary performance.

Dr. Satavadhani R. Ganesh delivered lectures on Indian Aesthetics, Indian Philosophy and European thoughts. He shared his findings on the specific features of Indian art (Aesthetics) such as ‘The specific Feature of Art- Contemplation,’ ‘The Aim of Art – Reformation,’ ‘Art Sublimates the Reality,’ ‘Art Experience is Not Sensual’ and ‘Art Experience is Metaphysical.’

He further explained various theories of Indian Aesthetics such as Vakrata, Dhvani, Auchitya and Rasa elaborately. The MA Philosophy students and the faculty members of the Centre participated in the session. The talk concluded with an open discussion.

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