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Live-in-Labs® Activities at Kerkata & Bundubeda Villages, Jharkhand

June 30, 2018 - 2:56
Live-in-Labs® Activities at Kerkata & Bundubeda Villages, Jharkhand

A team of engineering students and faculty members visited Kerkata and Bundubeda villages in Jharkhand in June 2018 as part of the Live-in-Labs® program. During the visit, the team comprising of 3rd year B. Tech. students from different engineering disciplines has scrutinized the major issues faced by the rural community. On careful examination, the team had found out that making clean drinking water available easily was the most critical challenge in the villages. Towards this objective, the team had repaired and restored two drinking-water wells that were previously difficult to use. In addition, they had also designed, fabricated and installed a pulley using a steel frame at four drinking water wells and made water drawing from these wells easier. 

The Live-in-Labs® experience was a valuable lesson for the students that provided them an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to solve a real-world challenge. The teams were guided by Dr. B. Soundharajan, Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. Kumar Abhishek, Department of Mathematics, and Mr. Thirugnanam, Department of Electrical Engineering.

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