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Textbooks on Forensic Medicine Published

February 11, 2011 - 4:42

February 11, 2011
School of Medicine, Kochi

Two new textbooks on Forensic Medicine, authored by Dr. B. Umadethan, Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at the Amrita School of Medicine were published in January 2011.

The first book titled Forensic Medicine will will serve as a comprehensive text for undergraduate medical students.

Forensic“It is important for medical students to acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to manage the common medico-legal problems in their day-to-day practice,” stated Dr. Umadethan.

“I sincerely hope that this textbook will cater to their needs. The book will help them become familiar with essential facts and various procedures to handle all types of medico-legal issues.”

The second book titled Forensic Medicine for Police is meant to be a training manual as well as ready reference for officers of law enforcement agencies who handle medico-legal cases.

“In this book, an emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of forensic medicine and scientific methods of investigation,” informed the author.

“The book will help police officers and trainees develop the needed skills and attitude for scientific criminal investigations.”

Published by CBS Publishers and Distributors, the books retail in India at a price of Rs. 475 and Rs. 550 respectively.

Dr. UmadethanCurrently working as Professor and Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at the Amrita School of Medicine, the author was closely associated with criminal investigations for over thirty years, while serving as Police Surgeon and Medico-legal Adviser to the Kerala State Police.

Dr. Umadethan is also currently the Professor in-charge and Coordinator of the Medical Education Unit at Amrita.

These two new books are only the latest in a long list of publications. A Malayalam book published in September 2010 became a best-seller. Titled Oru Police Surgeonte Ormakkurippukal, the book contains his personal memoirs as Police Surgeon. The book includes details on many criminal offences in Kerala.

Science in the Detection of Crime, Investigation of Unnatural Deaths, Practical Forensic Medicine, Principles and Practice of Forensic Medicine are some more of his well-known works.

We congratulate him for the publication of the two new textbooks for medical students and criminal investigators.

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