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Journal Article


Journal of the Indian Medical Association, Volume 106, Number 11, p.751+754 (2008)



Acute Disease, adult, Alcoholism, alkaptonuria, ankle edema, ankle pain, ankle radiography, Arthropathy, article, bisphosphonic acid derivative, bone necrosis, bone scintiscanning, calcitonin, case report, cast application, cellulitis, compression bandage, congenital analgesia, Continuing, diabetes mellitus, diabetic foot, differential diagnosis, Education, foot, foot disease, Foot Diseases, Foot Joints, human, Humans, infection, leprosy, male, Medical, medical education, middle aged, Neurogenic, neuropathic joint disease, non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, orthosis, osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis, pathology, radiography, spinal cord injury, syphilis, thermography, Type 2


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R. Va Jayakumar, Varma, A. Kb, and Jayapathy, Pc, “Acute Charcot's foot”, Journal of the Indian Medical Association, vol. 106, p. 751+754, 2008.