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Conference Paper


Inventive Communication and Computational Technologies, Springer Singapore, Singapore (2021)





Nowadays, the errors caused due to the manual operation at the railway gate level crossing have been increased due to various reasons like the receiving of data about the exact location of the train through various means. In these situations, it would be a boon for the people crossing the railway gate if there are an automatic opening and closing system of the railway gate for an effective means of automation of the railway gate. This paper proposes to introduce an active gate opening system that uses live GPS data collected from GPS sensors on the train. This GPS location data is sent from the GSM transmitter to the receiver at the railway gate. The data is compared with the location of the current railway gate and if both matches with each other, the gate is closed automatically at the receiver end, and by the same means it is opened again once the train crosses the gate.

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B. Subramanian, Selvakumar, A. S., Sachithanantham, M., Saikumar, T., and Anisha Radhakrishnan, “Automatic Railway Gate Control System Using GPS”, in Inventive Communication and Computational Technologies, Singapore, 2021.