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Journal of Electrical Systems, Engineering and Scientific Research Groups, Volume 10, Number 4, p.465-471 (2014)



Complex networks, Electric load management, Fuzzy inference, Fuzzy logic, Management techniques, Market Clearing Price, Smart grid systems, Smart meters, Smart power grids, Time based


In deregulated and smart grid system, time based tariff is implemented using complex communication system. This time based tariff depending on market clearing price initiates demand management. Moreover, the consumer supporting the utility by adopting demand management technique is not benefited directly by the utility. In this paper, tariff is locally decided by the smart meter based on change in frequency and change in demand using Fuzzy logic. Based on the relation between change in frequency and change in demand with tariff, fuzzy rules are developed. On implementing fuzzy based tariff, the consumers supporting utility by doing demand management gets more benefited without using the complex communication network. © JES 2014.


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S. Balamurugan, Shanthini, B. M., Lekshmi, R. R., and Chandrakala, K. R. M. Vijaya, “Fuzzy based tariff”, Journal of Electrical Systems, vol. 10, pp. 465-471, 2014.