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Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 2016, Springer International Publishing, Volume 530, Cham, p.759-770 (2016)





For a complex indoor environment, Wayfinding is knowing the environment and navigating within it. It is only possible if the person knows the place very well. If a person goes into an unknown environment, he/she may need assistance for wayfinding. GPS technology which works very well and is popularly used in outdoor navigation cannot be relied for indoor wayfinding as the signal strength is weak. This paper proposes a system which can be used as an assistance for navigating through an unknown environment with the aid of Wi-Fi, visual landmarks including corridors, staircase and others. This work aims at creating a custom route map for an unfamiliar complex indoor setting through visual perception and graphic information.


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S. S. and Dr. Rajathilagam B., “Intelligent System for Wayfinding through Unknown Complex Indoor Environment”, in Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 2016, Cham, 2016, vol. 530, pp. 759-770.