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Journal Article


Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Volume 20, Number 1, p.42-44 (2012)



adolescent, article, case report, computer assisted tomography, drug uptake, ectopic thyroid gland, human, male, pertechnetic acid tc 99m, single photon emission computer tomography, thyroid scintiscanning


We report here a rare case of lateral ectopia of thyroid without orthotopic thyroid tissue in an Indian teenager, who was referred to our department for a thyroid scintigraphy. Technetium Pertechnetate (99mTcO4 - ) scan showed uptake in laterally placed soft tissue structure along with functioning thyroid tissue in high anterior midline neck region in line with thyroglossal tract. There is no uptake in the normal anatomical thyroid bed region. Ultrasound study of the neck confirmed a soft tissue structure on the right of midline appearing coarse in echotexture with internal vascularity and absent native thyroid gland. Ectopic thyroid tissue lateral to midline associated with thyroglossal tract remnant and absence of orthotopic thyroid tissue is known to be very rare.


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M. Sarma, Ravindra, B. C., Subramanyam, P., Sundaram, P. S., and Babu, K. S., “Lateral thyroid ectopia”, Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine, vol. 20, pp. 42-44, 2012.