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Database, Volume 2011 (2011)



article, computer interface, data base, Database Management Systems, Databases, Factual, factual database, Internet, metabolism, signal transduction, transforming growth factor beta, User-Computer Interface


We previously developed NetPath as a resource for comprehensive manually curated signal transduction pathways. The pathways in NetPath contain a large number of molecules and reactions which can sometimes be difficult to visualize or interpret given their complexity. To overcome this potential limitation, we have developed a set of more stringent curation and inclusion criteria for pathway reactions to generate high-confidence signaling maps. NetSlim is a new resource that contains this 'core' subset of reactions for each pathway for easy visualization and manipulation. The pathways in NetSlim are freely available at © The Author(s) 2011.


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Rab Raju, Nanjappa, Va, Balakrishnan, Lab, Radhakrishnan, Aac, J. K. Thomas, Sharma, Jd, Tian, Me, Palapetta, S. Maf, Subbannayya, Ta, Sekhar, N. Raf, Muthusamy, Baf, R. Goel, Subbannayya, Yag, Telikicherla, Dab, Bhattacharjee, Mah, Pinto, S. Mad, Syed, Na, Srikanth, M. Sa, Sathe, G. Ja, Ahmad, Sa, Chavan, S. Na, Kumar, G. S. Sab, Marimuthu, Aad, Prasad, T. S. Kaf, H. C. Harsha, Rahiman, B. Ab, Ohara, Oi, Bader, G. Dj, Mohan, S. Sab k, Schiemann, W. Pe, and Pandey, Alm n o, “NetSlim: High-confidence curated signaling maps”, Database, vol. 2011, 2011.