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Conference Paper


2009 Chinese Control and Decision Conference, IEEE (2009)



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Centralized control, Collision avoidance, DC motors, Hough transform, intelligent robot, intelligent robots, Intelligent sensors, Microcontroller, Microcontrollers, Micromotors, modified H-bridge circuit, modular architecture, Modular Robot Architecture, Navigation, Object recognition, obstacle avoidance robot, Obstacle detection, Pattern recognition, robot design, Robot sensing systems, robot vision, Sonar, three-wheeled autonomous navigational robot, Ultrasonic sensor


Design highlights of a ldquoThree-wheeled Autonomous Navigational Robotrdquo are presented in this paper. An efficient modular architecture is proposed for ease of adding various modules to the robot. Obstacle detection, pattern recognition and obstacle avoidance are the key aspects of the design. The robot has intelligence built into it that enables it to recognize and pick up balls of a particular colour and ignore other objects in its path. A single board computer mounted on the robot acts as the central controller. It communicates with ultrasonic sensors and motors through multiple microcontrollers and controls the entire motion of the unit. As part of the robot design, a modified H-bridge circuit for driving DC motors efficiently is proposed in this paper.

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Dr. Karthi Balasubramanian, Arunkumar, R., Jayachandran, J., Jayapal, V., Chundatt, B. A., and Freeman, J. D., “Object recognition and obstacle avoidance robot”, in 2009 Chinese Control and Decision Conference, 2009.