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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Research India Publications, Volume 10, Number 10, p.25629-25636 (2015)



It is obvious that customers are important stakeholders in an organization, and their satisfaction and review is priority to management. Online customer review constitute new channel of information acquisition. Many firms after consumers the possibility of positive and negative polarities on their goods. Online customer reviews become a strategic investment in business strategies. So online customer product reviews has been considered as an effective way, to analyze the product reach to customers. The rapid growth of web in last decades helps this out. Customer reviews are increasingly available online, ranking this as a bib asset to know their market level is important to organization. The impact of customer satisfaction the positive and negative of a product can be analyzed by organization through online reviews posted on websites, blogs, and social networking sites. Our project mainly concentrates on gathering reviews from the sites based on certain ontology extracting the words and classifying them into percentage of positive and negative of a product. This helps organization to automate their market analysis quickly by reducing manual efforts on evaluating the reviews according to features of product. The outcome of system is set of reviews organizing by their degree of positive and negative on a product. © Research India Publications.


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V. Hegde, Karthika, P., and Madhu, M. G., “Opinion mining and market analysis”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 10, pp. 25629-25636, 2015.