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Conference Paper


2019 International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES), IEEE, Coimbatore, India (2019)



This thesis presents a development and implementation of a remote controlled car (RC) for surveillance purpose and the whole system is controlled from anyplace from the world by Smartphone accelerometer. The work was led by establishing Wi-Fi communication between RC car and Smartphone. After setting up the network connection between RC vehicle and Smartphone, the vehicle can be controlled by just tilting the Smartphone by using remote IMU application that is installed in android phone. This application uses accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetometer for linear and rotational movement of car. The values from this application are sent to the Raspberry Pi through UDP protocol. For the surveillance purpose and to navigate the area while controlling the car remotely we used pi camera that is joined to the vehicle. The test was carried on the RC vehicle with four directions. Directions are 1) Left 2) Right 3) Forward 4) Backward.

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V. Vishwa Kiran and Dr. S. Santhanalakshmi, “Raspberry Pi based Remote Controlled Car using Smartphone Accelerometer”, in 2019 International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES), Coimbatore, India, 2019.