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Indian journal of nephrology, Medknow Publications, Volume 24, Number 3, p.178 (2014)



Arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is an anomalous communication between an artery and a vein, caused by an iatrogenic or traumatic etiology. Surgically created upper limb AVF remains the preferred vascular access for patients on maintenance hemodialysis. Nonetheless central vein cannulation for hemodialysis is a common procedure done in patients who need hemodialysis. We incidentally detected a thyrocervical artery - jugular fistula in a patient on maintenance hemodialysis. He underwent a successful intra arterial coil embolization of the feeding vessel. Review of literature has shown that, a thyrocervical artery - internal jugular vein arteriovenous fistula following a central venous catheterization has not been reported so far.


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P. P. Zachariah, Unni, V. N., Kurian, G., Nair, R. R., and Mathew, A., “Thyrocervical artery-jugular fistula following internal jugular venous catheterization”, Indian journal of nephrology, vol. 24, p. 178, 2014.