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Conference Paper


Electronics and Communication Systems (ICECS), 2014 International Conference on (2014)



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Antennas, array signal processing, Beamforming, beamforming scheme, binary phase shift keying modulation technique, Bit error rate performance, channel matrix, channel state information, closed loop system, closed loop systems, conjugate transpose, diversity reception, Education, eigenvalues, eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, eigenvectors, error statistics, independent Rayleigh fading channels, Matrix decomposition, Maximal ratio combiner, MIMO, MIMO communication, MIMO system, MISO system, modulation coding, multiple input multiple output channel, phase shift keying, precoded symbols, Radio receivers, radio transmitters, Rayleigh channels, Singular value decomposition, transmit beamforming, unitary matrix, Vectors, wireless channel, wireless channels


In this paper, a beamforming scheme has been proposed for a multiple input multiple output channel which forms a closed loop system. This wireless channel incorporates binary phase shift keying modulation technique. The fact that the channel state information is known to the transmitter and receiver has been utilized in generating the channel matrix. Singular value decomposition has been performed over the channel matrix to obtain the eigen values and eigen vectors. Transmit beamforming makes use of precoded symbols and transmits them over independent Rayleigh fading channels. The precoded symbols are obtained by multiplying the input with the unitary matrix. At the receiver, symbols are combined using maximal ratio combiner and reshaped to extract the original signal by multiplying the received signal with conjugate transpose of unitary matrix. Comparison has been done on bit error rate without beamforming and that with beamforming. Simulation results prove that bit error rate performance with beamforming for a MIMO system outperforms a MISO system.

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Dr. Kirthiga S., Govindankutty, A., Krishnan, S., and Nair, S. P., “Transmit beamforming using singular value decomposition”, in Electronics and Communication Systems (ICECS), 2014 International Conference on, 2014.