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Conference Paper


2010 Second International Conference on Computer Research and Development, IEEE, p.280-284 (2010)





Application software, computer science education, Costs, Educational institutions, Employment, Graphics, Human Computer Interactions, ICT for education, industrial training, Media Enhanced Education, Plumbing, simulation, Virtual Curriculum, Virtual environment, Vocational training, Waste management


The following paper discusses the development of a virtual media enhanced vocational education curriculum that ultimately aims to reduce the digital and economic divide by targeting the illiterate and neo-literate sectors of India. While the application utilizes enhanced graphics, the end user experiences a simplistic interface. The virtual environment is developed in a modular way, enabling the user to learn methodically and at their own pace. The application's key usability element is that the fully developed virtual media enhanced vocational education curriculum will be web-based, where the user can access the program from any location through the medium of a computer and internet. Such an application has the potential to impart effective vocational training to the masses and at a pace that is at the comfort and pace of individual users. While the following paper discusses a specific application developed to train plumbers, the concept is generic and can be extended to any vocational training.


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Rao R. Bhavani, Rajamani, K., Kamal Bijlani, Achuthan, K., Sreedha, N., Nithyanandan, V., Rahul, J., and Sheshadri, S., “Virtual Media Enhanced Vocational Education Curriculum”, in 2010 Second International Conference on Computer Research and Development, 2010, pp. 280-284.

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